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Choreo N Concept Review: History, Pros, Cons, And Is It Worth For Online Dance

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choreo n concept
  • Very happy to be a part of Choreo N Concept Online Dance Classes. I have developed a lot of Confidence while dancing! Thank you so much Choreo N Concept Team for your continuous support!! A big thank you for the virtual classes… They are a blessing.
  • I had joined both offline and online classes of Choreo & Concept and had a wonderful experience under both. The team is really positive and makes sure that every student is doing his/her best! Highly recommended!!

1. What is Choreo N Concept And Who Are They

  • Choreo N Concept is an online dance studio based in Delhi NCR Gurugram, India. Choreo N Concept provides professional Online Dance Classes.
  • Bollywood, Hip-Hop, Semi-classical, Zumba and fitness are just a few of the many types of dance classes available for kids and adults.
  • The goal is clear; educating individuals on how to dance by learning the fundamental ski may enhance their confidence and become better dancers while having a lot of fun in the process!
  • Online dance classes are perfect for beginners because the class structure has step-by-step learning
  • Skilled and patient instructors, teach gently and thoroughly, to the point that learning becomes simple.

Students are not only encouraged to aim for their personal best on a daily basis, but also back each other up in fostering a sense of teamwork during class, where they will become technically skilled and enhance their Self Esteem, Cooperation, and Leadership Skills while having fun!

Every student is inspired to find their creative self as “We Dance And Create a CONCEPT.”

2. History of the company

Choreo N Concept was founded in 2017.

The founder of Choreo N Concept is Vishnu Swarup Lal.

From the beginning, the goal has been to make dance accessible and fun for everyone, regardless of age or ability.

Since its inception, Choreo N Concept has multiplied, with more and more people taking online dance classes every day!

3. Pros and cons of taking classes with them

When it comes to online dance classes, Choreo N Concept is a company that has some pros going for it.

Many features and services are offered by Choreo N Concept, making them the finest online dance lessons available.

Here are a few of the main reasons why you might want to consider signing up with them:


1. High-Quality classes

One of the best features about Choreo N Concept is the high-quality instruction. Whether it’s camera quality or instructors’ teaching styles, you get top-notch everything.

You can benefit from their experience and learn new methods to enhance your dancing abilities, whether you’re a novice or an expert dancer.

2. Step-by-step learning

Instructors make certain that students understand each step in full.

It’s critical in online classes for students to pay attention to comprehensive learning so that they don’t feel like they’re being left out.

Instructors make sure their instruction is as personalized as possible so that the student doesn’t get a feeling of being taught by a computer.

These classes are the best choice for beginning dancers, who require step-step assistance.

3. Free trial class

One easy way to get a sense of what online dance classes with Choreo N Concept are all about is by taking advantage of their online free trial class.

The online free trial class will give you the chance to experience online dance lessons with Choreo N Concept in order to see if it’s a good fit for your needs before signing up for a membership!

You can easily take the free trial:

Visit the website or You can fill the form to register. After successfully registering, you will receive the Zoom link to your class.

4. PTM and Feedback sessions

One of the most essential aspects of online dance classes is to keep track of students’ progress and interactions, whether they have any issues with the steps or other difficulties in class.

To make students feel at ease, the instructor must communicate personally and provide appropriate feedback on their current performance level.

Choreo N Concept schedules PTM and feedback sessions

5. Convenient and flexible learning schedule

Another great thing about online dance classes with Chore N Concept is the convenience of the learning schedule.

They offer classes at all times of day, which means you can choose a time that is most convenient for you to take online dance lessons without worrying about any potential conflicts!

If you don’t have a set time for the sessions, but you still want to get in some training, these are the finest classes for you because they offer flexible timings that are convenient for your schedule.

6. Affordable online dance classes for all

Another excellent advantage to online dance lessons with Chore N Concept is the affordability of their online classes.

They offer online dance classes for beginners and experienced dancers alike so that everyone has an opportunity to improve their dancing skills without worrying about breaking the bank!

7. Private sessions

Choreo N Concept also provides private sessions for individuals who are nervous about performing in front of others or have anxiety, or you feel unsure about dancing and want a separate space with your instructors where you may be yourself and make mistakes without fear of being judged.

Individual sessions are ideal for individuals who don’t have a specific time limit on their lessons and want to learn for weddings, birthday parties, corporations, or any other occasion where they’ll be performing some unique shows at special events.

8. Access to the teaching material

All of the dance performances taught in the lessons are available on Choreo N Concept. which you may use again later. having the material of what you learnt gives you a sense that you’ve covered everything. Otherwise, if you don’t have anything after the session, you feel a little lost.

9. Variety of classes

Another appealing aspect of Choreo N Concept is how broad their activities are. I’m really impressed with the number of different classes and types to select from! Here’s a summary of what’s presently available:

  • Bollywood
  • Hip-Hop
  • Kids Special
  • Semi-Classical
  • Bollywood workout
  • Wedding dance

10. Age Limit

Age limit to join online dance classes at Choreo N Concept:

Minimum age limit: 3 years.

Maximum age limit: no limit on the maximum age to join

So, almost anybody can learn dancing with Choreo N Concept’s online dance lessons since they are designed for everyone regardless of age.


The only downside to enrolling in Choreo N Concept’s online dance classes is that you won’t be able to step back because we push you to reach higher levels of dancing, and it can be difficult to do so because we make sure that ours students’ hands are held until the end.

4. How to decide if it’s worth for online dance

Since the covid pandemic started, we’ve had over 4000 students online in the past two years. With positive comments. We are specialists in providing creative dance lessons online

Choreo N Concept is well worth the money with 400+ google reviews and an average rating of 4.9/5 stars, not to mention high-quality classes and excellent instructors.

Students’ feedback will help you determine whether Choreo N Concept is worth taking in an online course.

Students’ reviews

  • The classes are very well organised. Atisha is a very friendly and approachable teacher. She gives equal attention to all the kids. Her pace of teaching and patience are admirable. I am glad that I have an association with Choreo n concept dance studio.
  • So far this is the best and most engaging virtual dance class; I got for my 5 year old daughter. Unlike other virtual classes, they engage, interact and develop interest in the kids in dance while having fun. Pravesh has been a lovely instructor and my kid looks forward to each class. I enjoy their YouTube videos as well.. Keep up the great work!!!
  • My daughter Trisha ,9 years old look forward to each lesson with Atisha Singh. She is an excellent teacher, fun and engaging, patient and kind. She will listen to you, support you, encourage you and help you understand and correct your technique, so you can improve. She adapts herself to every student which makes them very comfortable with her.I will highly recommend her to improve your dancing skills.

Last but not least, a free dance trial lesson is enough to determine whether Choreo N Concept is appropriate for online study.

So, Take your free trial here! Experience it yourself.


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