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What Does Cosmetic Compliance Software Screening Do?

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Commercializing cosmetic products requires observing a number of guidelines. As one would expect, these can vary significantly from one country to another (or even from state to state in the US). For manufacturers who wish to distribute their cosmetics worldwide, verifying compliance manually is not only an extremely time-consuming process, but one that is understandably error prone. From product formulation all the way to labeling, countless regulations apply, making it difficult for a person to go through every aspect of the product to confirm that all is on order. Additionally, these rules are subject to change, which makes matters even more complicated. This is where compliance screening software comes in. Coupled with compliance reporting solutions, it automatizes the process of checking for conformity.

What Does Compliance Screening Software Address?

By using cosmetic compliance screening software, several facets of product conformity in any country or region supported by the program can be addressed. Thanks to real-time updates, even when modifications have been applied, their products will be screened efficiently.


Compliance screening software, as stated above, is particularly relevant for companies wishing to ensure their product can be commercialized in the country or region of their choice. The system verifies nomenclature, allergen thresholds (including traces and warnings), market-specific labeling requirements, CNCP, safety margins, etc.


From the choice or raw materials to their concentration in the end product, compliance issues are particularly likely to arise at the development and formulation stages. This is where compliance reporting solutions can be invaluable, as they will suggest corrective actions to ensure the product meets every requirement. As part of this quality control, compliance screening software also provides customized specification data sheets and certificates of analysis which could be requested as proof.

Packaging and Administrative Documents

Every piece of information pertaining to the product’s composition, manufacturing process, nature, origin, price, documentation, and more is saved within the program. This data is then used to put together such documents as the Bill of Materials (BOM), the PIF (Product Information File), the INCI, etc. This prevents technicians from making any mistakes when reporting the information and optimizes speed-to-market.

A Solution for Big and Small Cosmetic Manufacturers Alike

Compliance screening software has the merit of being a scalable solution. Small businesses and large companies face the same issues in terms of regulatory requirements but are not affected by them in the same way.

International cosmetic distributors, for instance, not only need to address compliance in their own country, but they are expected to either make their product compliant everywhere they wish to sell it or to come up with as many formulas as necessary. Without a proper structure in place, the teams involved in this process are not able to communicate efficiently and the risk of human error increases significantly. Compliance screening software, together with compliance reporting solutions, gives every actor access to the information they require. Thanks to real-time updates, they can also be notified of any modification made to a document or formula.

As for smaller manufacturers, they may not have to develop their products based on international requirements, but they do need to stay abreast of any change in their own. If they do not actively ensure their cosmetics are compliant, the consequences they face could potentially impact them more severely than they would a larger organization. By using compliance screening software, they can rest assured that every requirement is met, from formula to packaging.

Notifications, updates, searchability, or even avoiding an accidental reformulation are some of the many practical uses of compliance screening software. These applications go far beyond what is originally intended. When utilized to its full potential, this tool has the ability to streamline most aspects of the cosmetic manufacturing industry.


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