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Content Ideas: 10 Tactics to Find Content Ideas that Drive Traffic

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Prior to the widespread of the internet, businesses paid thousands of dollars to publish their ads with large publishing houses. Today, things have changed, and they are now publishing their own content and driving huge search traffic to their websites or blogs.

Content is king, so before you begin brainstorming content ideas, you must have a problem in mind that you’re trying to solve. That way, you will be answering your target readers’ questions. These are questions that people either ponder in their minds, ask aloud, or search on social media, search engines, on an email or more.

Therefore, your content and its title should answer their concern. Here is how you can get content ideas that will drive traffic to your blog.

Facebook Ad Library

The Ad library stores all comprehensive, searchable ads running on Facebook apps and services such as Instagram. These ads are shown based on the users’ activities such as the pages they like and the ads they click on. The platform considers the age, gender, location and device of users. It also shows the ads based on the users’ activity off of Facebook.

Therefore this is a proven source of content ideas that you tap by searching on Facebook for a page that focuses on your niche keyword research to see all the ads they are running. So look for Facebook boosted posts that promote specific content that they have published because it gives you the exact keywords and phrases that you can use when publishing your content.

Google Image Tags

When you type a keyword on Google and click on the images tab, the search engine gives you a list of tag suggestions. These tags are very closely related to the term you have typed, so then you can combine the two to come up with a good content idea.

Trending Social Media Discussions

The interest in social media platforms has been growing year on year, and so it’s one of the best methods of tracking your target audience’s interests. So sites such as Quora, LinkedIn and Twitter are a great source of valuable industry insights such as questions, discoveries, customer pain points and goals.

So leverage trending social media discussions to get a slew of new content ideas that can keep your audience excited.

Keyword Research Tools

These tools are quickly becoming an excellent source of new content ideas. One example of a keyword research tool is Reddit because it neither takes a seed keyword nor does it provide several suggestions. Instead, the tool shows you the best topics being discussed and keywords they are talking about.

Interestingly, the Reddit keyword research tools provide monthly search volume data generated from the Google Keyword Planner.

Study Trade Magazines and Websites

Some of the great SEO metrics are share counts, backlinks, and search volume that can help you identify excellent content ideas because they highlight what your audience is searching for and rave about.

Also, editors of these magazines and websites go through hundreds of article submissions when selecting what article will appear on the front page, so perusing the trade magazines or websites will help you see what tips were picked. It’s important to note that experts choose interesting topics or contents, and so should you.

Also, these publications stimulate similar searches online and piggybacking on them will help you pick some organic traffic.

Competitor’s YouTube Channels

This involves sorting your competitors’ videos using the “most popular” tag. The selection will give you the best videos based on the number of views or the best topics working for them. Besides knowing what is working for them, it will give you topic ideas for your podcasts, infographics, blog posts and more.

Blog Comments

Read comments from your audience to see what their thoughts are and questions. That means what they write on your blog comments can help you get inside their head and discover facts such as their likes, dislikes, and questions.

Using their views, comments and questions, you can inspire an entirely new concept or pieces of content, such as turning the blog post into a course or white paper.

Ahrefs Content Explorer

The tool has unique features, such as taking you to where the keyword is located on the page. Still, it can show you the content that brings in huge traffic and ranks high on Google. With this data, you can pick sites that are generating content in your niche as well as those that were popular in the past.

Feature Industry Experts and Customers

People love stories, and your audience would be happy to learn from industry experts and customers. Still, these individuals are more likely to publish the podcast or post on their social media or sites, thus reaching another level of the audience.

Google Analytics Landing Pages Report

Does your site has some bits of traffic coming in? If so, you can use Google Analytics to generate content ideas for your blog. So look for Google Analytics landing pages report to see what pages of your site are driving traffic.

The data you will generate here will tell you about content topics, authors, writing strategies, formats, SEO, promotional strategies, charts, visuals and embedded videos.

So if you find your YouTube videos are doing well or any other content, then you should double your efforts to catch the new interest and drive more traffic to your site.


The list of tactics for getting content ideas is endless; however, the post has given you the top 10 ways of knowing what your target audience think, want and looking for so that you can fulfil that need. These suggestions can help you generate significant traffic to your site if you apply them the right way.

So you can practice one of the content ideas or combine several of them and then measure the results. You may also search what your rivals are doing; however, don’t copy their strategy. Instead, get some inspiration from them and generate unique content for your target audience. This will keep your content original and valuable.

I'm a passionate full-time blogger. I love writing about startups, how they can access key resources, avoid legal mistakes, respond to questions from angel investors as well as the reality check for startups. Continue reading my articles for more insight.

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