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If you are an owner of a huge IT company, it is viable to hire a CTO. The employees may do their job trying their best. Still, the communication between other departments may suffer from misunderstanding, and as a consequence, the business starts losing its position on the market.

In the article, you get to know how to hire a CTO and why each big organization can enhance teamwork with his or her help.

Who is CTO?

There is a detailed explanation of who a CTO is. This is a representative of the company’s top management, who determines its technology strategy and is responsible for introducing new innovations – all to achieve the business’s financial and strategic goals. Depending on the company, a CTO may be a leader of the whole department or be responsible for some parts of it. To describe in general, this viable staff member helps develop and integrate new products into the company and smoothly implement processes. If you hire a CTO wisely, they can control and optimize the structure of the organization so your profits will increase.

One of his priorities knowledge is that a person should be ready to solve problems of a technical nature, know a huge number of tools and technologies, and also understand what skills his technicians have. Hire a CTO with a good technical background who understands all organization’s business processes and thinks strategically.

The Tasks CTO Performs

A CTO selects innovative methods that enable the company to achieve strategic goals and is also responsible for technology, research, and development/ He or she oversees the integration of top quality processes intended for commercialization. The range of his or her responsibilities may include defining general strategies for the technical teams, making global decisions, selecting and reviewing codes, managing technical risks on projects.

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Other tasks include:

  1. Determination of the technology for development strategy.
  2. Managing the budget.
  3. Definition of the technology stack.
  4. Handle approaches to the development, research, and launch of new products;
  5. Ensures the compliance of the infrastructure with the goals of the company.
  6. Presents the main point of contact for the company’s management in terms of technology.
  7. Hires new employees, as well as for the technical departments.
  8. Formation of organizational culture, which values innovation, strong, effective, and result-oriented development.
  9. Tracking and implementing the latest technology trends – those that can bring value to the business.

Basically, The CTO focuses on the technical aspect of the product, its quality, productivity, efficiency, reliability, and lifetime. The goal is to ensure that the company’s strategies are aligned with business ones. In any case, a CTO must understand the main opportunities and risks for the business and focus on them. If CTO is engaged in recruiting, retaining employees, processes, managing people, then at the moment, these things are very important for the team of techies. Keep in mind that difficulties begin when the team grows and CTO has less time to fulfill the duties. It is the time when a company starts to employ deputies to manage people.

The Reasons to Hire a CTO?

Small companies may not have a CTO because developers can solve issues themselves. They receive tasks from marketers and managers, distribute them among themselves and calmly write code. If the company has one or two developers, there is simply no need for top management. However, if the company grows and the team already has about 6 people, you might need a CTO to manage all the projects better. Newbies write code differently: some are not yet used to the accepted frameworks, while others still lack experience. Then a developer appears in the team, who takes on the code review and architectural decisions so that everyone moves in one direction and the quality of the code does not fall. But this is not a technical chief yet; rather, a senior or a team lead.

If a common leader does not appear between the teams, then problems will begin. For example, backends will write methods for the API and not test – they say, the frontends will check everything themselves. And the fronts will think that the backends have already tested everything. As a result, the admins will roll out the non-working service, and it’s not clear who is to blame.

How to Select a CTO?

Before you hire a CTO and select the first candidate you find enough qualified, do not forget to pay attention to some other factors:

  1. If an applicant has experience in managing a technology department in a company from the same or a similar industry.
  2. Focus on how many people he was previously managing.
  3. Look closer to the early projects.
  4. Surely, remember that the candidate should have a strong position and leadership qualities.

Hire a CTO that can be creative and offers original, fresh solutions to any unusual issue. You need to understand that this is a complex question when we talk about CTOs. At the very beginning, you have to be a great developer or just be able to develop. If we speak further, then you must be able to manage a team:

  1. Be able to meet deadlines.
  2. Understand how to solve problems without absolutely knowing how and what works.
  3. Be able to communicate.

There is no formula for how to hire a CTO. Yes, basically, you have to look for a good manager who has sufficient knowledge in the required niche, understands his organization’s business processes, is aware of production processes, and defends his team when it is needed. The problem is that when you look at candidates who have experience in the area, you will see many different personalities. Some are technical co-founders. Others are early engineers. Some started working in the position; others got promoted. Some became after being deputies for development. Hire a CTO after a probation period because that way, you can be certain that your choice was a hundred percent true or not so good.

Jean-Pierre is a polyglot communication specialist, freelance journalist, and writer for with over two decades of experience in media and public relations. He creates engaging content, manages communication campaigns, and attends conferences to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. He brings his wealth of experience and expertise to provide insightful analysis and engaging content for's audience.

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