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Customize Content Based on Your Customers’ Location With API

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Location-based marketing has been on the rise in recent years because businesses want to target customers at a personal level based on their physical location.

Marketing teams use location data to reach their target audience based on factors like upcoming events in their region, proximity to their store or branch, and much more.

Appropriately used location data can help businesses across customer lifecycles which start at the company’s discovery to the end where they purchase the products. It also includes engagement and retention.

The following are why you should customize content based on your customer’s location.

Reasons to Create Content Based on Customers’ Location

Delivers Relevant Ads

Businesses can use this real-time location data to design relevant, personalized ads. Although the ads may not be strictly based on the customer’s physical location, their data about their geographical ideas can determine the timing and message in the content.

They send consumers content when commuting or on the train, giving them ample time to interact with the ads. Further, creating content and ads with local images where the customer lives is better than the generic imagery. This real-time insight is crucial when delivering relevant ads.

Provides Immediate Traffic

Creating location-based content drives foot traffic to the business where the customer lives. For example, companies can use the content to inform potential customers about their retail store and entice them with the available offer.

Further, they can use the content to lure customers to a competitor by motivating them to buy from them instead or visit their website. This helps businesses rely on location-based content to grow their market share.

Create Better User Experience

Location-based content influenced by the customer’s geographical detail helps businesses target them when they’re searching for a solution to their problem. Reaching them at such a moment and providing a better user experience can help win them over to your business.

Types of Location-Based Content

Businesses can gather location data and channel it into creating content based on where the customer lives. For example, you can obtain this information on the internet because everything that customers use is connected. Devices track users’ location, and marketers can use the data to improve their overall experience.

The following are ways you can use customers’ location data to target them.

Geotargeting: Customers receive content and ads based on their location and proximity to the business. It’s generated from IP addresses matched to country, zip code, and much more. The aim is to increase customer experience by personalizing the content based on their location’s needs, including local events, news, and weather.

Mobile Targeting involves targeting customers with ads and content on their mobile devices. Such content is generated based on location, device, and time. Marketers target potential customers directly to ensure personalized connection. For instance, social media ads are created based on the user location data to encourage them to attend events, restaurants, or stores nearby.

Geolocation API Service

Companies and their marketers rely on real-time location data to generate content. To achieve this, they need tools to help them harvest data from the customers’ IP addresses.

Apilayer offers ipstack, a real-time geolocation API service to help developers and organizations know where their customers are accessing their website. The aim is to customize customer experiences depending on their IP.

It’s easy to implement ipstack API and is scalable.


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