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Cybersecurity On A Budget: A Startup’s Guide

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Many startups lack concrete security measures. As such, they become prime targets for cyber-attacks. It’s in your best interest as an entrepreneur to budget for a cybersecurity plan. With the current business trends embracing the advanced use of technology, everyone has access to the internet. 

Your information technology (IT) systems contain valuable information. A cyber-attack could lead to severe losses that can cripple your startup. Although your startup might need more resources to cater to an all-inclusive cybersecurity plan, you can do it on a budget. Below is a cybersecurity startup guide on how to go about it:

  • Inquire About Timely Service And Support

You’ll need to hire qualified and professional service providers for your IT support. This way, you can make the most out of your money. Remember, technology downtimes can result in malicious activities on your startup, resulting in data loss or breaches. 

It’d be best to partner with or outsource IT support from leading experts. Hire the best IT support in Seattle to boost your startup’s cybersecurity. Some advantages you could reap from the partnership include the following:

  • Support for your entire infrastructure
  • Limited recurring problems on your workflows
  • Maximum data protection
  • Downtime avoidance

Your IT service and support vendor should be reliable. Check their terms of service and compare them to the advantages. This way, you’re sure to make an informed decision for the benefit of your startup.  

  • What Attacks Is Your Startup Prone To?
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Your startup has valuable access to customer and manager information. The last thing you’d want to deal with is unauthorized personnel accessing your startup’s information. If they do, they can hold your startup hostage. Cybersecurity helps you avoid several attacks. These include:

  • Phishing: It’s mainly done through emails where the attacker asks for passwords or logins. There are different types of phishing, like smishing, vishing, and clone phishing. 
  • Man In The Middle Attack: It occurs when an attacker has access to your communication channels and can intercept them.
  • Malware: In this kind of attack, an application known as ransomware is released to your networks. The ransomware spies on users and accesses credential data. 
  • Structured Query Language Injection: It’s done by injecting malicious commands and codes into your server to release information.  
  • Zero-Day Exploit: It’s a release or a malware attack when hackers detect vulnerability. For instance, if your systems are experiencing downtime, hackers can easily get into your startup’s information. 

Identifying the attacks is a great place to start on your cybersecurity journey. It helps you avoid getting cybersecurity wrong. Remember, most attacks compromise your business operations and could significantly affect your returns. Some of them, like phishing, are old tricks in the book. However, they have severe effects and thus shouldn’t be underestimated.

  • Why Opt For Cybersecurity? 

Your business could be on the verge of an attack. Hackers take note of numbers, especially from startups. As your startup grows, you’ll likely need more complex computing systems. For instance, opening new branches results in multiple databases such as customer credentials, supplier information, and delivery schedules.

You’ll need strong passwords to protect your customer credentials. You might also need strong encryption to protect your corporate data and infrastructure from hackers. For such services, get in touch with OSGUSA. You can avoid the aftermath of an attack that can end in severe losses.  

Some other reasons why you should opt for cybersecurity include the following:

  • Earn your customer’s trust: If your customers learn of an attack on your business, they might flee, fearing their information getting into the wrong hands. 
  • Increased productivity: If you’re not worried about security breaches, you can invest more time into making better managerial decisions for your startup.
  • Save operational costs: The main goal of every business is to maximize its profits by reducing operating costs. A strategic cybersecurity plan ensures you don’t dig into your pocket during a crisis. Remember, resolving a cyber-attack can result in financial constraints. 

Because of the implications of a cyber-attack, a cybersecurity budget is appropriate for every startup. 

  • Common Cybersecurity Budgeting Mistakes To Avoid

Creating a cybersecurity budget revolves around your startup’s needs. It’s vital to understand the demands of your startup to select suitable security measures. Below are two of the common mistakes to avoid: 

  • Failure to invest in the best infrastructure: A startup might not invest in cutting-edge tools to deter hackers. Note that although some cyberattacks, such as phishing, are common, they have long-term effects on your startup and hence shouldn’t be underestimated.
  • A cycle of reactive investment: Without a planned budget, your startup takes on cybercrimes as they arise. It might take a toll on the finances of the business. 

You should avoid these mistakes at all costs. 


Cyber attacks have significant effects on your startup when they occur. It’s best to keep hackers off your startup’s information and data. Use the tips shared above to create a cybersecurity budget. Remember, you can outsource your IT support from expert vendors. They’re better at providing cybersecurity, given their knowledge and state-of-the-art infrastructure.


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