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Three digital currencies that can outplay bitcoin this year

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When it comes to outplaying the most extensive virtual coin, other currencies can only do so in terms of gains and not in terms of market value. Therefore, people jump into this industry for more significant gains, and they will only prefer to invest in the digital currencies that offer more significant gains and are authentic. If you are interested in bitcoin trading, visit

Bitcoin experienced a potential surge of 60%, whereas other digital currencies like Ether and Binance coin experienced a growth of more than 500%. Check the ethereum code to get précised information about bitcoin trading. To be very précised Binance showed a growth of 1300% in a single year. In short, currencies are outplaying BTC in terms of gains. Below listed are some fiery digital currencies that can outplay the most prominent cryptocurrency, bitcoin?

Key Takeaways!

Ethereum has the potential of outpacing in terms of gains as the most prominent digital currency has not shown explosive growth in the last year.

As a digital currency, Solana has flash-like processing speed and an offshoot adoption rate that can skyrocket the market value of this virtual coin.

The different and unique services offered by the brave can skyrocket the market value of its native currency above its threshold level.


Undeniably the growth of bitcoin by 65% is not insignificant, but compared to other digital coins like ether, binance coin, and Solana, bitcoin’s growth is very small.

Despite facing massive criticism, bitcoin has a market cap of more than $1 trillion, nearly half of this entire market. Below listed are the top three explosive digital currencies that could outplay bitcoin this year.

1. Ethereum!

The Ethereum network has managed to provide massive gains over the past few years. Whenever bitcoin has skyrocketed, ethereum has also surged. The native currency of the ethereum network, ether, is classified as the subsequent leading digital currency. Ether’s market cap comprises almost one-fourth part of the cryptocurrency marketplace. The current market cap of ether is almost $500 billion, and the number of others in the market is ten times more than BTC units.

You might think about how ethereum can outpace BTC this year; both BTC and ethereum vary from one another in terms of features and fundamentals. But both ethereum and BTC comply with proof of work, and this year ethereum will comply with proof of stakes network. The proof of stakes implication will offer numerous advantages to ether and account for a massive surge in the market value of ether.

People were moving to other launch pads and other typical blockchain models because of the high gas fees on the ethereum network. Now, the application of proof of stakes will contribute to lessening the gas fees of this network, and people will retain their trust in ethereum again.

2. Solana!

Solana is one of those currencies that has surprised mainstream investors with its gains. Solana’s native currency SOL has experienced a surge of 10,000%. The fundamentals of Solana and ethereum resemble one another, but because of lesser gas fees on the Solana network, everyone is fond of this network only.

The decentralized applications and Non Fungible tokens availability on this blockchain model have helped many developers to launch their projects on this network. However, you might wonder what the use of SOL is on this network.

As discussed above, SOL is the native currency of this network; one can use the currency to make transactions regarding gas fees. Gas fees are like a transaction charge that you must pay for every action on these blockchain models. The market cap of Solana is nearly $50 billion, and the growth of this project is immense. The market value of SOL at the beginning of 2021 was a mere $2, and it extended up to $200 by the end of this year.

3. Binance coin!

Binance coin is one of the potential models when it comes to altcoins. The surge of binance coins over the past year has just shocked everyone. Binance has skyrocketed by more than 1300%, and it is also the native currency of the binance innovative chain. In short binance coin has more use cases than any of the altcoins as mentioned above as one can also use it in binance exchange.


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