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Digital Marketing in 2022: Preparing For The Next Phase of The Pandemic

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COVID-19 and more importantly, the government’s response, has impacted every single person in one way or another. From closing our borders to changing the way businesses can operate, this pandemic has changed business as we know it. We now live in a day and age where masks and every charging set of rules is just something we must learn to live with.

In this article, we will be discussing the coronavirus pandemic and how it may impact how your marketing plans for 2022. Stay tuned to the latter points of this article where we go into channel specifics in a bit more detail, offering your actionable advice which you can take to your next marketing meeting.

The Current State of The Coronavirus Pandemic

As of the 23rd of December 2021 (The day on which this article was written) cases are at an all-time high. In just the last 24hrs there have been 95,005 confirmed COVID-19 cases which takes the total number of cases per 1 million to 176,955. It goes without saying that these are some staggering statics and will likely be the driving force behind new restrictions and potentially another lockdown.

What Does This Mean For Your Business

As a business owner, you must now prepare for the likely event of new restrictions. Whilst these restrictions are yet to be announced, what we can learn from past events are that working from home will continue to be advised, Indoor gatherings and events are likely to be discouraged and the red list countries will continue to grow. These changes will limit travel and impact how businesses are run in the new year.

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These restrictions will mean different things for different businesses. Depending on your industry, this may mean that you need to consider accounting for reduced footfall to your premises, therefore resulting in reduced revenue. You must preempt these changes to the way your business can operate, and consider investing your time and money in the marketing channels which will continue to generate revenue regardless of restrictions.

Marketing A Business Within A Pandemic

The coronavirus is a very challenging time for marketing a business, not only do you need to account for a change in buying behaviour but you must also account for a change in landscape. People are now spending more time online than ever before and due to the added safety online shopping now offers, many prefer to convert online rather than coming to visit physical premises.

In the next section, we will provide actionable advice to allow you to craft a robust marketing strategy for 2022. Pay special attention to the recommended channels are these are not to be ruled out as we move into a time where the push on digital is stronger than ever before.

Creating Marketing Strategy For Your Business

When creating a marketing strategy you need to be placing yourself in the shoes of the customer, consider what are their pinch points and what can your company do to help? Here are some questions which should help to guide your journey towards creating the perfect marketing strategy for 2022:

  • What does my customer demographic and interests look like?
  • What websites and applications do my customers spend most of their time on?
  • How can you use marketing to connect with your customers across all channels?

Once you fully understand your customers you can start looking at the different marketing channels that will allow you to connect with your customers. Just remember every one of your competitors can use digital marketing but what can your business do to connect with customers on a deeper level?

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Recommended Marketing Channels for 2022

As we move into 2022 it curtails that you look for new and exciting opportunities to reach your customers. This doesn’t necessarily mean finding a new marketing channel entirely, it may just be a case of utilising an existing channel in a new way. By thinking outside the box and utilising new marketing channels in creative ways you can get a jump on competitors and gain marketing results with no limits.

Video Marketing

It’s no secrete that video is one of the most underused marketing channels. In 2021 78% of people watched online videos every week with a whopping 55% viewing videos every single day! This ties back to those introduction questions perfectly “What websites and applications do my customers spend most of their time on?” if platforms such as Youtube are the answer, why is your business not investing in marketing on this channel. It’s fair to say that video requires resources that your business may not currently own, but it could be argued that this is an investment that sets you aside from the crowd.

Social Media

If your business is not currently marketing on social media you have seriously missed a trick. One of the most common excuses we hear is “Social media doesn’t work for my business as were B2B.” Well, I’ve had enough with this excuse! Social media is not just for B2C markets, channels such as LinkedIn allows businesses to market to other businesses seamlessly. The average American social media user spends 2.7 hours per day on social media, if you are not in front of them in this window of opportunity, well then you are not part of the conversation

Content Marketing

A personal favourite of mine, content marketing. Not just because I am writing this piece as a form of content marketing itself but because I have witnessed first-hand the impact it can have on businesses. If you frequently add blogs to your website you are 74% more likely to get strong growth in the number of visits you get to your website. Frequent blogging has been proven to increase overall traffic to a website by as much as 402%. By linking this content back to key products or services you can help to convert this traffic into revenue for the business.

Building On Profitable Marketing Channels

Creating a profitable marketing strategy is not just luck, it’s a science. Be careful investing your budget in channels, constantly reviewing results and investing in the most profitable channels you can maximise return on investment. One final point to consider is that all channels are intertwined in this day and age. Think about a brand awareness campaign. It may not directly drive your revenue but this brand awareness may lead to another marketing campaign driving more revenue than it would if you were not running brand awareness activities.


Succeeding In The Next Phase of The Pandemic

Were not expecting you to have all the answers and experience to implement these complex campaigns and make them work for your business. It’s okay to ask for help. Speak to a digital marketing agency in bristol for further guidance on implementing the different forms of digital marketing campaigns discussed within this article.


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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