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Digitalization of companies: An evolution that has become essential



Digitalisation des entreprises

In recent months, the magnitude of the health crisis has pushed many companies to innovate. With widespread remote workers or even the layoff, some positions remain vacant with no prospect of imminent hiring. Fortunately, the democratization of digitization and its online services are a very valuable help for all these SMEs or very small businesses facing challenges today.

Why go digital?

Today most companies have a website. A fact that is far insufficient given the opportunities the internet offers to businesses with online visibility.

For instance, there are endless communication possibilities on social media and it made it relatively easy to gain visibility. On the other hand, the digitalization of companies enhances its interaction and reduces the distance between the business, target professionals and potential clients. You can easily advise and guide your customers online as well as quickly intervene in the event of a problem. With a little investment and enthusiasm, you can also increase customer retention much more easily.

Outsource for more peace of mind

Whether you are a craftsman, trader or even farmer, the digitalization of companies spiked in 2020. Pushed to their limits by the health crisis and its many restrictions, many bosses have chosen to outsource certain tasks at a lower cost. This is a great benefit to the few online service providers specializing in this area. Accounting, human resources, expense reports, marketing campaigns…there are even some integrators who offer you online payroll software. In some other cases, these service providers also participate in the integration of businesses (particularly in the agriculture, trade and craft sectors) into local distribution channels. An opportunity that can save time depending on the needs of the concerned society and the situation in which it finds itself.

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