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Discovering the unique festival from Coco and Grinch coloring pages

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Colors and pictures are safe toys for children. They are also learning and training tools for children. Therefore, parents should create conditions for children to have the opportunity to have fun and learn with lovely pictures. Coco and Grinch coloring pages are quality coloring pages that we want to introduce to children. The benefits of coloring pages are significant for children’s development. Let’s experience the feeling of fun and curiosity when coloring these pictures!

Coco coloring pages: It is a meaningful and touching story about family love

Pixar is the best studio when creating many meaningful stories for adults and kids. When Coco appeared, the audience did not have many expectations when the film took the subject of the festival of the dead (Día de Los Muertos), similar to the animated movie The book of life produced by Fox in 2014.

But Coco created many surprises for the audience when they brought back the profound values of the story, the lesson, and the passion. Also, Coco is considered an animated film with the most elaborate and meticulous investment in images and visual effects. Coco is an attractive animated film that attracted many tears of viewers.

The film’s main character is Miguel – who is passionate about music, but his family forbids his dream. They think that Miguel should give up his wishful thinking and focus on continuing the family tradition. And rooted in his dream and his passion, Miguel had a reunion with his idol in the mysterious world.

And we will be surprised by the realistic details used in the cartoon. These details show the filmmakers’ meticulousness, seriousness, and meticulousness. They created Coco with all their heart and passion.

If you can see all kinds of plants in the World of the Living, there are only marigolds in the World of the Dead. During a survey trip to Mexico, the filmmakers learned that marigolds play a big part in celebrating Día de Muertos: guiding the spirits. On this day, relatives decorate the grave with marigold flowers and candles and bring toys for dead children and tequila for adult souls.

In Coco, Dante is Miguel’s loyal pet. The Xolo is a pet dog native to Central America in Mexico, which is not only strange for its hairless skin but also its long neck, bat ears, round eyes, and glossy body. They have existed for a very long time and originated in Mexico. The ancient Aztecs revered even the Xolo dog as a sacred animal.

The ancient Mexicans bred dogs to be companions and guide the dead to the afterlife—people buried with the dead a lion dog to protect the deceased. The animators had the opportunity to study the Mexican Xolo at Pixar.

To get the right look for the characters – from the inhabitants of Santa Cecilia to the skeletons of Ernesto de la Cruz’s party in World of the Dead, the filmmakers had to spend time drawing with the dancers. Mexican folk.

Especially, Coco brings practical values of family affection. The film has taken away many tears and emotions from the audience. Everyone’s dreams and passions are the desire to live and do the things they love. Coco also praised the love of family; the family is the place to nurture and cultivate our souls. Freedom is living, loving, and fulfilling dreams.

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Printable Coco coloring sheets

Coco coloring sheets are a great family story. Parents and children can discover the unique festival of Mexico and its people through particular coloring pages.

We recommend Coco coloring sheets for children to practice coloring and develop their concentration skills. Cartoon pictures are always an interesting subject for children. They love funny characters, unique shapes, and exciting stories. Coco is a gentle and meaningful story. We encourage children to color Coco coloring pictures to explore and learn about family stories and dreams.

Children will create vivid and realistic printable Coco coloring sheets with vibrant colors. If you and your children have the opportunity to watch cartoons, you will admire the beautiful scenes, vibrant colors, and great music.

Through coloring activities, children have many opportunities to practice basic skills such as concentration, ingenuity, carefulness, agility, etc. Coco coloring pages will also bring children valuable values like similar coloring pages.

Grinch coloring pages: It is A story about human happiness

Does happiness come from? For some people, happiness is having a lot of material possessions or what they have, such as family, relationships, etc. But there is greater happiness that comes from kindness and sharing. The 2018 version of The Grinch animated film gives viewers that never-old message.

The Illumination – the place that created the cute yellow Minions in the Despicable Me series or the mischievous Snowball white bunny in The secret life of pets – the shape of the green furry goblin The Grinch has a gentle touch, much cuter.

The film’s plot is still The Grinch’s plan to ruin Whoville’s Christmas Eve, just because he hates the happy reunion of everyone, while he lives alone in a mountain cave with a dog.

The Grinch promotes the visual advantages of an animated work with vivid, smooth strokes. The scene of white snow highlights the colorful background of a village with cheerful, friendly people busy preparing for Christmas, making viewers feel joyful and wishing to immerse themselves in the warm atmosphere.

By building compelling and engaging movie content, the audience became sympathetic instead of annoyed with the character’s unpleasant personality and lousy behavior. All the bad expressions of The Grinch come from loneliness and lack of love, and the person who makes The Grinch change is the little girl Cindy Lou.

Cindy Lou’s innocence and pure heart helped The Grinch realize that, for a long time, what he hated was not Christmas as he thought, but the warm atmosphere filled with the love of Christmas. Family – something he, an orphan, never had.

Happiness comes from kindness; people will be happy when they bring joy to others. A simple message from a young character like Cindy Lou in The Grinch makes viewers even more poignant.


Printable Grinch coloring sheet

Do you think Grinch is a tragic or hateful character? Through Grinch coloring sheets, children can explore and color the cranky pictures. Grinch coloring sheets are drawings of the Grinch and people’s Christmas atmosphere. Children can color Christmas through these coloring pages.

Would you like to make a Green Grinch, a Yellow Grinch, or a Red Grinch? Characterized by green fur, your children can now freely color and create any coloring pages they love through printable Grinch coloring pages.

Many children love Grinch characters, so Grinch coloring pictures are an opportunity for children to collect and create for this challenging character. We hope to see the beautiful pictures of the children.


Teaching children to color is not only fun but also helps them learn many valuable things. We hope more children will be exposed to colors and drawings. Coco and Grinch coloring pages are coloring pages that have a lot of meaning for kids that parents can find at Check out more of our articles to discover the many excellent benefits of coloring.


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