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Interview with Elias Neibart – Founder of Elias Neibart Tutoring

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Elias Neibart is the founder of Elias Neibart Tutoring and a highly sought-after Law School Admission Test (LSAT) tutor and admissions testing consultant for prospective law school students seeking online learning and tutoring in advance of their admissions exams. 

In pursuit of his goal to become an attorney, Elias Neibart has undertaken practical steps to build the knowledge and skills necessary to work in the legal field. He spent the summer of 2016 as a judicial intern in Essex County, New Jersey, shadowing Judge Michael L. Ravin and becoming familiar with the parts of the trial process.  Elias Neibart graduated as a student of political science and philosophy with a concentration in political theory.

Neibart was a legal intern with the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office, observing court proceedings and analyzing various forms of evidence, including surveillance videos and witness statements. He built practical experience in authoring a number of legal document types, including motions to suppress and post-conviction relief briefs.

Elias Neibart successfully completed a summer internship with the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, assisting in the writing of subpoenas and the preparation of evidence for federal criminal proceedings.

In the Fall of 2021 he will pursue a MPhil at the University of Cambridge, and in 2022, he will begin his formal legal education at Harvard Law School.

We recently had a chance to talk to Elias Neibart and learn a little more about his innovative tutoring company and plans for the future.

What are the key elements for starting and running a successful business?

The two key elements to starting and running a business are vision and substance. In the beginning, vision is essential; your energy and passion for your business must be palpable, and you should be able to articulate your goals. But, after that, you must follow through with your plans. If your vision lacks meaningful substance, your business will ultimately fail.

How do you prioritize your work? 

To prioritize your work, you should carve out time in the morning to address the most pressing challenges of the day. Clear and detailed scheduling, therefore, is key.

How do you find a work-life balance?  How do you like to spend your free time?

During my free time, I enjoy exercising, reading, and cooking. Finding a work-life balance, can be difficult, but you should view your hobbies as an extension of your overall health. If you do so, you’ll realize that prioritizing them will, in turn, benefit your work.

Who is the one entrepreneur to be your greatest example and inspiration?  Why?

I have always admired Mark Cuban; even after amassing his wealth, he focuses on investing in startups and new technologies that have the potential to benefit us all.

Can you share your personal approach to managing an effective balance between life and work?

My personal approach consists of setting clear boundaries with myself. For instance, after a certain hour, I will put my work away and insist that I exercise or socialize. By scheduling properly and sticking to your plans, you are better able to manage life and work.

What is your approach to starting a new project of business venture?

Before starting a new venture, I like to meticulously plan before acting. In these planning stages, I find that I can identify problems before they arise, saving time and money in the long run.

What are some of the keys to effective decision making?

Decision making requires being aware and cognizant of all the relevant information related to the choice at hand. As such, before making important decisions, you should ensure that you’ve consulted and spoke with your colleagues and friends about the issue and made sure to have looked at the prevailing data and trends in your field.

How do you manage the stress of all the things you are not able to complete?

Stress is inevitable. To manage it, I usually remind myself that certain things are outside my control. By compartmentalizing life events that way, I am better able to handle the challenges of everyday life.

Can you share an example of a recent decision you made and the steps you took to reach your goal?

One decision I made was to increase my client outreach. To achieve that objective, I devoted time-every week-to sending out cold emails to prospective clients. While this work may seem tedious, it led to tangible results for my company.

Imagine yourself in five years. What do you hope will be different then compared to now?

I hope that, as a tutor, I will have perfected my teaching method. I am always tinkering with my approach to the LSAT, so I hope I can find a definitive process that is effective and beneficial.

What are you better at than most anyone else?  How do you use this super power?

While I certainly do not think I am better than anyone else in this respect, I think I am an effective problem-solver. I tend to view issues analytically and use a rational, measured process to address and fix them.

Tell me about the best and worst teachers you’ve ever had. What was the difference?

The difference between the best and worst teachers I have had is their communication skills. When a teacher or boss articulated expectations and objectives clearly and cogently, I felt more at ease, and I tended to succeed more.

When was the last time you changed your mind about something important?

Recently, with respect to the LSAT, I have realized that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to tutoring. I now better appreciate that all my students need individualized, targeted study plans to improve their scores on the exam.


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