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Embracing the Shift to Hybrid: How Can Employers and Employees Achieve Balance

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“Should we make the switch to a hybrid work style, ride out the storm adopting a wait-and-watch approach or stick with what we have and know and hope things will get back to normal soon?” As Forbe’s Dinesh Malkani put it, these were the types of concerns that most entrepreneurs had to face just a few months ago; but today, it’s pretty clear – the hybrid work style is the new normal. It is the new way which millions of companies – small and big, as well as old and new alike have embraced for various reasons. However, because it’s still such a new concept, many struggle to make it work for them. But don’t fret, there are ways to find, and hang on to balance and a routine that works for everyone.

Steps Employers Should Take

As an employer, one of the most practical steps you can take is to run a status check of your employees. As questions like, “How many have moved out of range of the office? How many are reluctant to return to the office? How many want to work remotely?” The reason why this matters so much is because employees, and especially new hires need to get a feel for the company culture. In other words, if you as an employer don’t engage, you can’t expect your employees to reciprocate. This has to be your initiative which will showcase mature and caring stewardship; this in turn leads to employee loyalty. Scheduling check-in times is another important factor to keep in mind as this will improve engagement on both sides.

Steps Employees Should Take

According to recent findings by Advanced Workplace, “… improved well-being, increased income, and increased mobility” are the top reasons why many are in favor of the hybrid work style. AW also added, “People with experience of hybrid working tend to say that it gives them more freedom and autonomy over where and how they work, and that it allows them to spend less time commuting.” However, a few disadvantages that have to be mentioned are disconnection from co-workers, inadequate communication, and an unsuitable work setting at home. To remedy this, employees are advised to create a dedicated workspace where they can concentrate on their tasks uninterrupted, and voice their concerns to their superiors as soon as they arise.

Embracing the hybrid work style might take some time, but with good communication and regular check-in times a healthy balance can be achieved, especially if all parties involved show willingness and initiative.


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