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Emergency Capital Investment Program: Definition, Application, And Benefits

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The COVID-19 epidemic has harmed the economic prospects of both people and companies. Tragically, this damage has been particularly severe in areas that have long been ignored and mistreated by the capital.

To remedy this economic suffering, the Emergency Capital Investment Program ( ECIP ). ECIP was formed in the budget package. The US Department of the Treasury formally inaugurated the program on March 4, 2021.

The ECIP would transfer up to $9 billion to Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs). And to minority depository institutions (MDIs). It means to finance someone that has suffered the most from the consequences of the epidemic. And also provide financial aid for those who suffered decades of economic neglect.

What Is the Emergency Capital Investment Program?

The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 established the Emergency Capital Investment Program (ECIP). The program allows banking institutions to offer loans to small enterprises and consumers.

CDFIs or MDIs may receive up to $9 billion from the Department of the Treasury under the ECIP. Money is allocated for small and minority-owned loans, grants, and forbearances.

A total of $2 billion has been made available for CDFIs and MDIs with less than $500 million assets. An extra $2 billion was set aside for CDFIs and MDIs with less than $2 billion assets.

What Is the Difference Between CDFIS and MDIS?

Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) are non-profit financial institutions. The aim is to promote community development in underserved communities. To be termed a CDFI, a financial institution must be government-certified.

DFIs provide loans that are often simpler to qualify for than bank loans. CDFIs will give grants to pandemic-affected enterprises in disadvantaged regions.

Minority depository institutions (MDIs) are depository institutions (consumer banks and savings societies). MDIs satisfy one of the two requirements listed below:

  • Minorities possess at least 51% of the voting shares;
  • A majority of the board members are minorities. The organization mainly serves neighborhoods with large minority populations.

MDIs must assist small companies. Minority depository institutions must offer financial products to low-income, and moderate-income groups.

Other banking institutions can also provide bad credit loans guaranteed approval $1,000, in this difficult time. These settings are less reliable, but this may be the solution if you have an emergency.


The ECIP Application

Applicants must apply for the ECIP using an online platform. The application deadline was September 1, 2021. An Applicant must complete the ECIP application form. Then Treasury will examine the application and decide if it is accepted.

Applicants must submit an Emergency Investment Lending Plan. The plan is part of the application process and has to:

  • Demonstrate 30% or higher lending to low-to-moderate income (LMI) borrowers. Also, other targeted demographics, or a mix of the two during the last two fiscal years;
  • Explains how the applicant’s strategy and operational objectives will meet community development requirements;
  • Involves a strategy for community outreach and communication;

Investment Restrictions and Termination

Treasury may make up to $4,000,000,000 available across all Program investments for eligible institutions. Whose total assets of up to $2,000,000,000 who quickly apply to receive a capital investment under the Program.

But not less than $2,000,000,000 may be made available for eligible institutions. Whose total assets of less than $500,000,000 who promptly apply.

The initiative will conclude in six months. After the President declares the COVID-19 pandemic a national emergency.

Will the ECIP Be Beneficial to Small Businesses?

CDFIs and MDIs assist companies in their respective communities and do not function on a nationwide basis. As a result, in order to benefit from the ECIP’s financial assistance, you must do so via a CDFI or an MDI in your region.

CDFIs may be located using the Opportunity Finance Network’s CDFI finder. If you’re searching for an MDI the Office of the Comptroller of Currency (OCC) has a list of MDIs. Where you can find which MDIs presently exist, as well as the areas that each one serves.

The top financial institutions have not yet disclosed how the $9 billion in ECIP funds would be allocated. Businesses and individuals cannot currently apply directly for this financing. The only application materials available so far have been for CDFIs and MDIs.

A partnership with a CDFI or an MDI will help you position yourself to take advantage of the ECIP. Stay in contact with an institution representative. They will alert you when financial aid becomes available.

Furthermore, the Treasury Department recently announced the CDFI Rapid Response Program. It is a $1.25 billion program that offers funds via CDFIs for pandemic-related needs. Another recently announced complimentary program is the Emergency Support and Minority Lending Program.

It is a $1.75 billion initiative to expand lending, grantmaking, and investment activity. The program is for low-and-middle-income minority communities. Also, it is for minorities with significant unmet capital or financial services needs.

To learn more about how you can utilize the ECIP or one of these programs, contact a CDFI or an MDI in your region.


The ECIP is a lending program for low- and moderate-income financial institutions. It assists in providing loans, and grants. It gives forbearance to small enterprises and people affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.


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