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Employee Productivity Software Platforms That You Need to Be Aware of in 2023

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With 2023 just around the corner, and many people wrapping up their year-end tasks, business strategists everywhere are thinking of new ways to help their teams progress in the new year. Some of those ways are most definitely linked to enhancing productivity.

Tools that help teams streamline processes, coordinate tasks, and manage their time more efficiently have been around for a while. However, new ones keep popping up every year, whereas established ones are driven to put out frequent updates to stay ahead of the curve.

While this is good news for companies that want to boost their employees’ day-to-day outputs, keeping up with new software can be a struggle. To help you find the best fit for your team, read on for our list of employee productivity software platforms that you need to be aware of in 2023.


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© Zapier Website

Automation is the name of the game for Zapier, a tool that comes with multiple-platform integration (over 5,000 and counting). Zapier can be used as a centralized platform for the majority of your workflows, including scheduling and publishing social media posts and emails, sending out reminders, triggering notifications on other platforms, and much more.

Zapier works by creating “Zaps” i.e. workflow automation processes that can be activated to perform a bunch of tasks that don’t take that much effort, but are quite time-consuming. It can be a powerful addition to your teams’ repertoire of management tools because its main goal is to free up workers’ time and lower the chances of human error through pre-programmed processes.

This platform enables workers to focus on work that really matters, which in turn helps managers recognize top employees. If your teams are juggling many repetitive tasks alongside more important work on a daily basis, Zapier may just be the tool that helps save them time while maintaining maximum efficiency.


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© Asana Website


Asana is one of those evergreen tools that always gets a mention in just about any list of this kind. Although you may already be fully aware of this tool, it doesn’t hurt to reiterate why Asana continues to champion the world of management software.


Asana is both a project management tool and a communication platform that teams can use to track their deliverables in a user-friendly way. Its main features include defining projects, assigning people to the deliverables in those projects, establishing deadlines and reminders, and providing space for updates that are useful for performance management


Apart from the above key properties, Asana offers some nifty tools like interlinking tasks through dependency levels (i.e. not starting a task before a previous one is completed), creating templates for repetitive tasks to save time, as well as Google Drive and Outlook integration.



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© Fyle Website


If you’re looking for an upgrade from your current financial software, Fyle might just be it. It is an expense-management tool that provides full oversight of all business-related spending. 


Fyle can integrate with other apps that employees use on a daily basis, such as Gmail and Outlook. Additionally, Fyle ensures automatic compliance with company policy by requiring pre-submission checks on all expenditure reports. This takes some of the load off the finance team, as they don’t need to manually check each filed report against company policy.


For owners of Mastercard and Visa credit cards in the US, Fyle offers a real-time expenditure management service. You would no longer have to rely on your bank to give you access to real-time data streams. Without having to wait until the end of the month, accountants may gather receipts in real-time and by SMS while also reconciling card transactions.



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© Pumble Website


Pumble is an instant messaging-oriented tool that allows teams to get creative with their group chats and notifications. Its top-notch communication features are quite useful for remote teams who need that extra something to make it feel like they’re all working in the same place. 


Pumble provides infinite chat rooms in addition to unlimited users, conversation history, and self-hosting. Apart from its browser-based app, the platform can be accessed through Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and macOS devices. This allows for a lot of flexibility for workers looking to perform their team rituals fully online.



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© Loom Website


Loom is a video messaging app whose main purpose is to help workers create instantly shareable videos of themselves and their screens. It makes for a great tool for training new hires, resolving customer issues, and showcasing products and services


Instead of scheduling dozens of training webinars per month that often do not fit everyone’s schedule, Loom could be an effective and practical approach to getting important information out to your workers while saving them time. Explaining topics like your latest DEI initiatives or a new set of company policies is the ideal way to make use of this app.

Videos recorded with Loom get instantly uploaded in a shared cloud space, making them accessible to all team members at once. The tool’s smooth and modern interface makes the experience of using it all the more enjoyable.

Although not a productivity app per se, Loom may be of great use for larger teams that cannot afford to collectively meet during video conferences very often. 


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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