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Energy Comparison: Giving Aussies A Fair Go

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Not-so-fun fact: Australia is one of the world’s most expensive energy markets. The average gas bill is almost $1,000 a year. The average electricity bill for a 4-person home? A whopping $1,900. So, you want to save hundreds of dollars on utilities every year? It’s worth looking into energy comparison and how your bills can be better than average – by a long shot!

You might be wondering how Australian energy prices got into this mess in the first place. Well, most Aussie states are deregulated energy markets, which should (hypothetically) bring prices down. But according to a damning ACCC report released in 2018, it hasn’t turned out like that. They described the national energy market as uncompetitive and unaffordable. Since then, things have got (a bit) better. Wholesale energy prices are down, so energy retailers save money and can pass those savings onto consumers. And the Aussie government is taking a “big stick” approach to preventing monopolistic behaviour.

But change takes time, and it takes proactivity on your part. In most states/territories, there’s a whole lotta different energy providers, offering heaps of different plans. But an estimated 40% of bill payers haven’t explored what the competition is offering. Switching providers can save you hundreds, and also help create an environment that pressures energy providers to offer fair prices. As consumers, energy comparison lets us be part of the solution. (Huzzah!)

So, how do we go about it? Sounds time-consuming right? It doesn’t have to be!

Meet Econnex: Energy Comparison, Made Easy

We’re Econnex, a crew of energy-loving tech types who have devised a state-of-the-art, 100% free energy comparison tool. We know people don’t like waiting on hold and talking to salespeople. Even worse, scouring through half a dozen (or more) websites for quotes. This stuff should be simple, right? So we’ve done the work for you! We work with a panel of major energy providers, getting you their best deals at-a-glance.

Energy comparison doesn’t have to take hours of your time anymore. Just fill in a form with some simple questions. The quotes pop up right there, with dollar-values and the main conditions of the contract. If the contract conditions seem like Ancient Greek to you, don’t worry. We’ve got plenty of info on our website to help guide you through.

Save Money & Time

Decided you want to switch providers? To make things even easier for you, Econnex can get the ball rolling. We’ll process your switch request and send it over to your new provider. The best part is, we charge you nothing: energy companies pay us a small commission.

So we like to think we’re like your all-in-one energy comparison BFF matchmaker and advocate at the same time. Bringing people and affordable power together, for long-term relationships that make you both happy. Less wham-bam Tinder and more loved-up OkCupid.

Where to next? Well, just mosey over to our energy comparison tool to meet your match! ❤️

Written by Econnex Team


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