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Extra Income: How to Earn Free Gift Cards

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Gift certificates are trendy because they can be used for anything from groceries, clothes, and food to gas and movie theaters. Sometimes you need a little extra cash, and what do you do if you don’t happen to be near any machines that dispense money and don’t want to pay with credit cards or cash? The answer is pretty simple. You can use gift certificates as an alternate form of currency. Here are tips on ways to earn free gift cards.

1. Cash-Back Apps

Cash-Back Apps are a new cash-back site where you can earn various free gift cards by shopping online. You earn points by clicking on links within the apps leading to your shopping site. Anytime you buy something online with the Cash-Back App, make sure that the app is linked to your Amazon or Paypal account. Doing this will earn points that can later be turned into free gift certificates every time you buy something. Sometimes, you can make gift certificates by downloading apps that offer a “cash back” reward. You receive money if you use the app and complete purchases or take advantage of offers advertised within the app.

2. Credit Card Rewards Programs

Credit card reward programs give you gift certificates for completing required actions (like paying your bill on time). They also come with other perks, like the ability to make rewards more valuable. If you have a credit card like Chase Freedom, Citi Dividend, or Amex Blue Cash Preferred, you can evaluate various credit card rewards programs that offer free gift certificates. Unlimited opportunities are available for you to use your free gift certificates. If you have a credit card with a department store, you can buy anything from clothes to electronics and get points to redeem free gift certificates.

3. Survey Websites

What can you do with a survey website? Well, you can get gift certificates from them. Many websites offer surveys for free in exchange for sending an e-mail address and a person’s name (website visitor) to the survey. These surveys usually take 30-40 minutes to finish, and you will earn reward points. When you have enough reward points, you can redeem them for gift certificates. Swagbucks is among the popular survey websites offering free gift certificates that can be used anywhere. You can get gift certificates from various retailers like Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

4. Play and Test Apps

If you download apps for your phone or tablet, you can get gift certificates by playing the paid version of the app. It’s very simple because you must play the app as much as possible and earn reward points. You can also do social media activities, like inviting friends to join and share your scores. You might wait a long time to accumulate reward points, but the gift card is worth it. You can get gift certificates from Amazon or Walmart. It’s not just the apps that give you reward points. You can also earn reward points by testing various web services. To do this, you usually have to download an app and then test it as much as possible by performing specific tasks during the testing. These tasks vary depending on the app. Sometimes, you test the app by going through a tutorial, while other times, you test it by using it or playing with it. Several popular websites offer reward points for testing various web services. This is an excellent side hustle because you play these video games for fun.

5. Trade In Your Stuff

You can earn gift certificates from popular websites by trading your stuff. For example, if you have a video game, you can trade it in a video game retailer. They might give you somewhere between $5-$10 for your old gaming system, but it all depends on the value of the item that you’re trading in. You will not get the total amount if you trade in a PC because that’s what they’re mainly geared towards. If you have a digital camera, then it is more likely they will give you the maximum value, which is around $20. If you have anything from clothing or shoes to electronics, you can trade it in for some money.

6. Everyday Shopping

Most stores offer different loyalty programs. You can earn free gift certificates for shopping at various stores daily. First, you must sign up for a rewards program, which is easy. Many companies have their own rewards programs from department stores. You will accumulate reward points for every dollar you spend at these stores, especially if your spending game is over $25. The reward points are usually redeemed for gift certificates or some discount coupon. Shopping at web stores can also accumulate reward points for everyday shopping. The reward points are generally redeemed for free gift certificates or discount coupons.

If you are a passionate online shopper, then you are familiar with the growing number of cash-back and credit card rewards sites, which can help earn you free gift certificates. The abundance of these bonus sites has led to an increase in popular cash-back apps like Swagbucks. You have unlimited opportunities to earn free money from these platforms.


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