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How Can I Get Better at F1 Mobile Racing?

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F1 Mobile Racing

F1 mobile racing has risen to become the favorite F1 racing game among the mobile gaming community. Players can participate in races using their own cars based on different game modes. This involves competing with real players and F1 drivers controlled by AI on the game’s computers.

Since F1 Mobile Racing is a tough game for both beginners and veterans, these players find it challenging to get the very best out of the cars and races they engage in. However, there are a variety of tricks that F1 Mobile Racing players can use to increase their chances of winning.

Here are tips to succeed in F1 Mobile Racing

1.   Grasp the Basics of the Game Duel Mode

The duel mode is the core of the game, and players compete against real-life players from different real-life circuits and race types.

Types of Races

Qualifying: The race has two players and starts at a specific location, having accelerated their car. The first player must cross the checkered flag in order to complete the lap and win the race.

Grid Start: All drivers are lined up at the starting grid with the checkered flag behind them. They must start and accelerate their cars by holding the clutch button. The race officially begins when the red lights disappear and the first driver to cross the checkered flag at the end of the lap is the winner.

Sprint Race: All the drivers in this mode enters the race track with already accelerated cars. The first player to cross the checkered flag at the end of the lap is the winner of this race.

AI-controlled F1 drivers are always present in the duel mode, but their results don’t affect your performance. In fact, your goal should be to complete the race ahead of your opponent.

2.   Different Circuits Different Car Setups

You can customize and construct your own car when you go to the R&D tab and click on the customization page. However, there are different circuits and tracks types labeled as balanced tracks, high-speed tracks, or high downforce tracks.

It’s important to have a variety of setups, and each one of them should have stat power, lightweight, aero, brakes, and handling. It is recommended that a player should use each setup slot available in different track types once they have unlocked the three setup slots in the racing games.

Here is additional information about them.

Balanced Tracks: They have fast and slow sections, but it is recommended to have a balanced setup with even distribution of stats that doesn’t favor one over the other.

High-Speed Tracks: They have long, fast sections. Players need high top speed and good acceleration in setups for such tracks. Also, high braking is necessary for smooth corner turns as well as focus on power and aerostats, even as they get a generous amount of brakes.

High Downforce Tracks: These tracks have tight and slow corners, making them challenging. As a result, players using this track require precision and proper control of the car. They should also focus on stats handling, lightweight, and brakes in order to maintain the car nimble.

3.   Understand the Surrounding during the Race

You might meet toxic or unfair players during the races. It’s rare to have hard contact with real-life opponents during the race due to the dynamic ghosting system feature of the game. This automatically detects and ghosts players in the case of unfair collision. However, the feature will not protect your car in the event you can come across AI-controlled F1 drivers.

As a result, these drivers may intentionally engage in nasty tricks to waste your time during the race. Therefore, it’s vital to focus on the race and understand the in-game surroundings. You can also use a good reaction speed to avoid nasty accidents when competing with unfair players.

4.   Learn Your Circuits well

It’s incredibly vital to learn the match condition and location of F1 Mobile Racing and get to know the circuits available to you. These include getting familiar with the corners, turning points, braking points, drag reduction system (DRS) areas, and more. A consistent driver should thoroughly understand and memorize each circuit layout.

These circuits are similar to real-life ones, and understanding them is key to mastering the skill as well as winning the race against your opponents.

5.   Practice

The game allows players to access single-player mode. They can use it to improve the race in the following ways.

  • It helps you understand the steering control type that suits you the most. These are left/right buttons, tilt devices, or steering wheel.
  • It helps get familiar with circuits, including corners, turning points, braking points, and drag reduction system (DRS) areas.
  • It allows you to practice maneuvering your car in challenging turning corners such as turn 12 &13, turn 10, etc.
  • You can test your reaction speed using Grid Start game mode.

The single-mode makes practicing easier because it gives you the freedom to choose circuits, the number of laps, game modes, and the difficulty level.

It is advisable to start with 1 or 3 laps, less difficulty level, and warm up just before starting the races. Next, switch to 5 or 10 laps and medium to hard difficulty level as your skills in the game improves. It will also help you to test your abilities and limits.

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