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Factors To Consider When Choosing Neon Lamps In Your Gaming Room

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Gone are the days when neon lamps were only used by restaurants and casinos. Nowadays, neon lamps have become an integral part of decoration that has been adopted for different occasions.

As a gamer, it would amaze you that you can add neon lamps to your gaming rooms. Neon lamps can make your gaming room conducive and inviting.  Although, decorating a gaming room might involve much work, depending on your preference. The furniture, lighting, gaming consoles, and desktops are all critical to having a complete gaming room.

If you want to improve the lighting and ambiance of your gaming room, Neon lamp signs might be what you need. Neon lamps can help in providing a well-rounded and exciting gaming experience.

Why should you install neon lamps in your gaming room?

There are several reasons neon lamps are installed in gaming rooms; some are listed below.

  • Neon lamps are flexible because they can be customized to suit your preference. The custom neon lamp sign adds personality to your gaming room since it can be of any shape on the walls and ceilings. When your friends visit and see the patterns of the custom neon lamps around your room, they will know without any explanation that you have style and understand aesthetics.
  • Most gamers with neon lamps installed in their gaming rooms have often said that neon lamps can set the mood. The type of mood neon lamps share is usually inviting, soothing, beguiling, and relaxing at the same time. This is the mood you need after being under harsh and ordinary lights all day.
  • Sometimes, gaming can get tedious, and neon lamp signs improve everything. Neon-led lights make your gaming experience less boring and improve the fun by stimulating your senses. When the colors and patterns of the lamp change, your senses are stimulated, it will keep you alert and engaged in the game from the beginning to the end. Even if you doze off in the middle of the game, the lights will wake you up!
  • Neon signs help to reduce glare from gaming desktops. You can reduce the background light of your laptop with neon lights available to protect your eye functions. The neon lights are a refractor by providing the right amount of light you need to see your keyboard.

Factors to consider before choosing a neon lamp

Installing neon lamps in your gaming room depends on certain factors listed and discussed below.

The size of the gaming room

Not every gamer has the luxury of having a separate room for a gaming room. Some have to carve out spaces in their living rooms or bedrooms. The space of your gaming room determines the size of the neon lamp you buy. Even if you opt for a custom neon lamp, ensure that the size is ideal for your gaming room.

Recognize your lighting needs

The amount of lighting you need depends on the size of your gaming room and preference. The rule of thumb is that the bigger the gaming room, the more neon lights are needed, and vice versa. A big room usually requires several types and patterns of light, while a small space might need a skyline of neon lights. However, it still depends on the number of neon lights you want in the room.

Neon lamp location

Gamers are often confused about where to place neon signs in their gaming rooms. This factor still depends on preference because while some gamers prefer neon lamps on the ceilings, others like them on the wall. Choose whatever suits your aesthetic needs.


The colors of your neon lamp determine the beauty of your gaming room. Custom neon lamps can have more than one color that would change at intervals. You can choose colors that match the colors of your furniture so that the room will look organized.


If your gaming room is void of the right energy, neon lamp signs might be the perfect addition to make it exciting and immersive. Neon lamps are available in different colors and texts. All you have to do is choose the one that matches your creativity. Read more on these lamp signs and how they can improve your space.


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