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Fighting the Bots: Strategies for Stopping YouTube Bot Activity on Your Channel

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Youtubers are happy when their channel attracts more user reactions, such as views, likes, and comments. But some of these activities are suspicious because they’re fake since they originate from bots. Some of the comments may have questionable viewpoints or childish insults. Also, some of these user reactions may form a bit of repetition.

Spambots are responsible for these comments. People design these computer programs to create spam comments, while sophisticated ones create new personas or accounts. So these owners want to make money by placing misleading advertising content on other people’s channels, redirecting traffic to their website or harming their competitors. That means the bots are very profitable to their owners.

In this article, we will highlight how you can stop YouTube bot activity.

Many people are looking for the best YouTube bot to use, but does it exist?

Let’s get started and take a look:


Strategies to Stop YouTube Bots after you buy Youtube views or after you buy Youtube subscribers

Users should relentlessly report bots to YouTube because they can impact your channel negatively. If you’re struggling with fake audiences, comments, and dislikes and wondering how to stop YouTube bots, the following effective ways can help you as a creator or viewer. If you are asking yourself these questions: “Where can I buy Youtube views?” or “Where can I buy Youtube subscribers?”, we’ll also answer these in this blog post.


1.      YouTubers or Creators

Bots are problematic to YouTubers. They are designed to hurt the reputation of your videos and channel through spam comments. You can stop them by clicking on the settings and then the community page. You can choose either default or automated filters.


Automated Filters: The option block all comments with a link, thus removing bots that intend to advertise anything on your YouTube channel. You can also create a list of words and block comments with such words automatically.


Default Filters: The option holds comments that you consider potentially inappropriate until you review and approve them. While this option is highly effective at stopping bots, it will consume much of your time. It also restricts real-time discussion among your followers and viewers.


Turn Comments Off: This is the last option when the first two fail. Turning off comments is not recommended, and some of those who use this option have questionable videos.


2.      Viewers

Unlike the creators, viewers have limited options for blocking spam messages. You can either ignore harmful spam comments or report them. To report them, hit the dots at the end of the comment and give a reason why you think the channel should remove them. But YouTube can only block such messages when multiple viewers report the same.


Reasons Why People Set Bots on YouTube Channels


To Harm a Competitor: Users finish their competitors using bots. Attackers place low-quality links to various resources in the comments. These include links to pornographic sites or others. These resources turn viewers away, which YouTube algorithms can detect, while the competitor channel gets views and replace you.


Hurts the Channel Owner’s Reputation: Comments about your video help develop your channel. But some viewers might accuse you when you respond to comments of live users. They may view your natural response as responding to your own custom comments to promote yourself.


Extract Your Content from Recommendations: Owners can generate their channel’s statistics that show even dislikes on their videos. Attackers use bots to increase the number of dislikes and demotivate you. However, the platform doesn’t remove your content merely because of dislikes, but it will if you get several negative reactions. So, users’ activity on your channels has more influence or is a powerful metric for the platform’s algorithms.


In conclusion, bots are harmful and can influence your channels’ statistics. Channels owners and attackers use them to alter the quality of comments and likes in your live streams in order to bring you down. Thankfully you can deal with bots using the effective ways mentioned above. Therefore keenly monitor your YouTube channel and deal with any fake audiences, comments and dislike effectively.

Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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