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Five reasons why private hire fleet insurance might be invalid

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Any company that uses many cars for transportation, delivery, pickups, etc., needs to obtain Quoteradar Private Hire Fleet Insurance. The budgets of fleet managers are sometimes quite limited. Insurance costs are just one of the many variables that might affect a company’s bottom line. Managers of fleets must ensure the security and protection of their operations without overspending.

When does fleet insurance become null and void? No fleet manager likes to discover that their insurance is null and void, but the simplest of mistakes can have disastrous consequences. For more information related insurance or to compare quotes, visit

Untimely Premiums:

The insurer specifies that timely premium payments are mandatory. The interests of both the insurer and the policyholder have been taken into account in the development of this expectation. The insured may be given a grace period during which a delay in payment is acceptable in the event of unforeseen events. However, the claim could be denied or the insurance void if this happens again and again.

Employees failing to report minor accidents:

No matter how minor, your staff must report all damage to your fleet vehicles to your insurance company. Even if you have no intention of suing. Damage to your fleet vehicle should be well recorded in case the other party changes their thoughts and decides to file a claim. Your claim may be rejected if it is discovered that the damage is different from what was reported throughout the claims process.

Whether or not you intend to file a claim under your fleet insurance policy, it is critical that all occurrences, no matter how little, be reported in a timely manner and accurately. Keep in mind that the need to report includes events involving company vehicles driven by workers.

Not checking employee records:

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) provides a service that allows you to verify an applicant’s driving privileges, including the types of vehicles for which they are licensed to drive and whether or not they have received any driving violations or suspensions in the past. Not all jobs need employees to drive, but those who do need to be examined because they use their own vehicle for business.

Vehicle modifications:

If you don’t update your insurance policy to reflect the increased worth of your fleet, you may be at risk of financial loss if an accident occurs. Modifications might also enhance danger by making your vehicles more desirable to thieves or more vulnerable to damage in accidents.

What, however, qualifies as a modification? The truth is that any alteration, no matter how minor, can be considered a modification, including but not limited to things like stickers, tinted windows, and new wheels. Your fleet’s insurance premium may increase or decrease as a result of any of these and other developments. Therefore, alerting your insurance is an essential step whenever you make any adjustments to the vehicles in your fleet, no matter how insignificant they may seem to you.

Failure to follow the insurance company’s claim procedure:

There is a protocol to be followed in the event of damage to the insured vehicle. There is a protocol you must follow to keep the incident honest and prevent any suspicious fake play. This process may involve filing paperwork, complete data, such as the exact time and date of the accident, and other relevant information. Insurers may refuse to pay a claim if the insured does not take all necessary steps to ensure compliance.

Evacuating the scene of the collision:

It’s reasonable to feel fear and want to avoid a challenging environment after experiencing an unexpected catastrophe. However, this can backfire if the insured tries to hide from authorities or remove the vehicle from the scene of the collision. Having the insurance company evaluate the vehicle and the scene of the accident is a necessary step before filing a claim. The insurance company is more likely to deny coverage if they are not given this option or can also void the insurance.

Disobeying the rules:

Car crashes happen all the time and can result from any number of unlucky circumstances. These occurrences are usually the result of carelessness or bad luck. However, adherence to the law is crucial. No insurance company will pay for damages resulting from an accident that was caused by illegal behavior or impaired driving. The insurance policy would be null and void if the driver was found to be unfit for some time.


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