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Freelance Jobs vs. Full-Time Positions: Which is Right for You?

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Being in a full-time position or a freelancer, a person enjoys many benefits and burdens. Prior to concluding which one is the ideal best for you, you need to consider cautiously and understand the downsides and upsides of both. There are various highest-demand jobs in Singapore, also many good-paying freelance jobs. Let’s know which one is right for you!

Key Points of Both Jobs

Choosing Where to Work

Being a freelancer, you are not committed to performing your tasks in a particular area; you can keep an office anywhere or even in your room. You can even do your job while traveling to any place. A proper suit? No! Even in your nightwear, you can still do the job perfectly.

While in a full-time job, you have to wear a proper dress code, and there is no other place you can perform the job than your office.

Working Hours

One of the benefits of doing a freelancer job is that you don’t have explicit hours to work; you can work whenever you need. There are no severe 8 working hours and no astounding projects. You know your work and your cutoff time, and you get to complete it at any point. While in full-time jobs, you have to follow a proper routine and fixed hours like 9 to 5 jobs.

Rest Time

In the event that you’re a freelancer, you’re permitted to take an excursion whenever you’re not dedicated to a timetable, and you don’t need to request consent! This is one of the most wonderful advantages of the outsourcing position. You’re not limited by a specific measure of days for a get-away, and you’re permitted to take as many as you need at whatever point.

While you cannot randomly take off being a full-time worker, all the other chores are done on weekends.


Dissimilar to everyday positions, you don’t have decent month-to-month pay; you get compensated per project; and like this, you could constantly chip away at more than each task, in turn, so your pay could be more than any full-time fixed compensation, contingent upon your dealing with your client.

Regular work ensures month-to-month pay and, hence, a steady pay to help yourself. You probably won’t procure as much as a freelance job worker; however, you realize that you will have some cash in your wallet toward the end of every month.

Full-time Workers Benefits Over Freelancers

  • Full-time job positions will quite often offer representatives different advantages, like clinical protection and paid excursion days. Then again, freelance jobs don’t offer such advantages.
  • The cash you procure in a freelance job may be preferable over a full-time job, but there is one thing – it’s not steady. It truly relies upon what a client needs at a specific time. There could be months where you are working relentlessly and bringing in a lot of cash, and others without any tasks coming in your direction and, subsequently, no pay, and you’ll need to withdraw your savings.
  • Freelance workers generally work alone, while, in full-time positions, you normally fill in as a group feature and have partners around you. This is particularly valuable if you have an errand requiring conceptualizing and need to run a few thoughts by others. There is no such thing as this choice for freelancers.

The Bottom Line

The choice is still yours; all the key points of full-time working and freelancing are mentioned above. Now you have to see which one attracts you. And which is perfect for you!


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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