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How can a Virtual phone number help your Start-Up?

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We are living in a very competitive world. If you want to succeed, you need to level up your game and stay ahead of others in the market. So, starting a new business and staying successfully ahead in the competition is a huge challenge. For any start-up to thrive in the world of business, it needs to strive and be well budgeted with the right resources and equipped with the correct tools.

Setting up a start-up is surely expensive and on the way, you will have to face unavoidable expenses. If you want to run your business effectively, you need the right tool. A virtual phone number is one such tool that will help in running your business smoothly and maximize your profit. So, what exactly is a virtual phone number?

As we know, good phone service is a must-have in any business.  But, often these phone services turn out to be costly. A virtual phone number can be a smart alternative to this problem. A virtual phone number will enable a cheaper and more efficient phone service and you will be able to have effective communication with your customer base.

Benefits of implementing virtual phone numbers for start-ups

A virtual phone number is a number that is not tied to any address, or sim card. All you need is the right internet connection. The call will be forwarded to a device that is connected to the internet. It offers various features and benefits which make virtual numbers, an efficient way of communication for a start-up.

As an example, Broadvoice offers a cloud PBX solution that not only provides a virtual phone number but also enables video conferencing, text messaging, and collaboration.

So, let us look at how these virtual numbers are beneficial for a start-up business.

Better customer communication

Customers are the backbone of any business. For any business to be successful, it requires the support and trust of its customers. For this, an efficient communicative system without any interruption is vital.

With virtual numbers, you will never miss any call from your customers. You can connect with your client from anywhere and with any device. Whether you are using a mobile, tablet, or desktop; you will be contacted and will be able to take the call. The virtual phone systems will also allow the start-ups to follow up with their client with texts and calls.

A virtual phone number offers a variety of features including call recording, call screening, SMS and call forwarding feature, real-time feedback option, and multiple call handling. All these unique features offered by the virtual phone system will help in strengthening the communication with the client which will, in turn, improve the customer experience. Efficient customer support will build customer trust and a positive image for the brand.

Thus, a virtual number system will help in building a healthy relationship with the client and enhance the brand’s image.

Wider customer reach

The competition in the field of business is too fierce. To survive this harsh competition, one needs to expand their business and need to connect to a larger audience. This is crucial for all businesses, especially for start-ups.

The virtual phone system can help the start-up to expand globally and reach a wider audience. For a start-up one of the major barriers in connecting with their audience is the lack of funds. Because of this, they may not be able to connect with the audience and lose their potential customers. A virtual phone system can erase this huddle by providing a cheaper platform to connect with global customers.

Also, most of the customers prefer to buy from local businesses. A virtual phone system will help the company to gain clients’ trust by providing them with the same country/ area code.  Thus, it will thus help to build a local presence for the company in an international market.

Reduces the cost

A virtual number is cheap as it does not need any wires or office space to operate, unlike the traditional physical number. You do not have to go through the hassle of setting up an office. You only have to pay for the internet connection.

Further, you are not connected to traditional telephone lines and do not need any expensive hardware. A virtual phone number can operate with any communication device and does not need any specific devices.


Efficient dispersed team management

When you start a business, your work will be restricted to an office. A traditional phone system will be enough to manage all the communication activity. But as your business grows; you will have to start the office at various parts of the globe and you will have to hire people from different cities and at times different countries as well. It will be difficult to manage this dispersed team. A virtual phone number can be handy in this situation.

With a virtual phone number, employees can connect and engage with each other. It will help your employees to stay in touch and will help them to work as a single unit. Thus, they will be able to efficiently support and give services to the customers.

Data Backup

A virtual phone number backs up all your data. All the voice mail, messages, and phone call are backed up and you do not have to worry about losing valuable information.

Better management of the business and personal numbers

At times, due to hectic schedules, many business owners make the mistake of using their personal numbers instead of the business number. A virtual phone number will help to avoid this practice and will help to separate the business and personal calls.

Build a professional image

A virtual phone number will make your business look more legit and authentic. It will create a professional image and enhance your brand name.

To conclude, a virtual phone number will help you to efficiently connect and communicate with your customers and supplier. Along with enhancing your professional image, this cost-effective communication system will help you to save money and maximize your profit.


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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