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How can I create a micro-enterprise?



micro entreprise

The different formalities to follow to create a micro-enterprise

The project alone is not enough to create a micro-enterprise because the founder has to know what to do and how to go about it.

This process may vary depending on the type of microenterprise you want to create and must comply with, both administratively and financially.

Here are the different steps to follow when creating a micro-business and wants to practice sustainably and legally.

The different steps to start a business

The requirements for creating a micro-enterprise depend mainly on its legal status. Here is what you should know.

Sole proprietorship micro-enterprise

A sole proprietorship is the first option for business founders who want to operate using their own name. You’re exempted from the drafting of statutes and legal announcements when you choose this type of micro-enterprise. The founder will simply describe its activity.

Limited Liability Company (LLC) micro-enterprise

A person wishing to create a micro-enterprise under the legal status of Limited Liability Company must first issue a declaration of allocation of assets. It makes it possible to legally identify all the tangible and intangible assets available for the LLC activity. Finally, it will be necessary to create a bank account dedicated to the company.

Opting for LLC status is advantageous for an entrepreneur who wants to protect their personal assets. Indeed, creditors will only seize LLC assets when it doesn’t repay the debts linked to its activities.

There is another type of LLC that involves a sole trader or shareholder.

It is popular with business creators wishing to have a monopoly on their activity or reduce their risks.

Other information on setting up a micro-enterprise

The following information is useful when registering a micro-enterprise.

Who can create a micro-enterprise?

Opening a micro-entrepreneur is open to all, whether as a main activity or complementing other activities.

To be a micro-enterprise founder, you do need any particular qualification or diploma. Of course, you should only get started in entrepreneurship if you are passionate enough and/or have mastered your subject.

What are the documents to provide?

The entrepreneur is invited to provide certain supporting documents when creating a micro-enterprise. For example, he must attach to the micro-enterprise declaration form a copy of his identity card.

Others include a professional experience proof or a copy of the diploma, among others.

In summary, the procedures to follow when creating a micro-enterprise depend on the industry and the legal status of the enterprise.

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