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How CMMS is helping the Hospitality Industry

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How CMMS is helping the Hospitality Industry

After a tumultuous 2020, many business sectors are looking to gain any edge they can. Within the hospitality sector, this is not different.

Hospitality is a volatile industry where the customer is king. And pleasing every guest can be a challenge.

In an age where social media allows for a rapid spread of information and negative reviews can easily be shared, hospitality software managers are trying to provide the best services they possibly can. And this includes looking out for any shortcomings that can affect the guest’s experience.

Providing the best experience for guests is easier said than done. Especially in an industry where the expectations are high, and there are many departments to look after.

However, by implementing a CMMS the job will be made much simpler.

CMMS is a computerized maintenance management system.

It is a platform for managing work orders, inventory, and other maintenance activities. All through a secure system that is accessible online, or through a cell phone.

While some may be familiar with solutions due to their prevalence in the manufacturing sector, the benefits of a CMMS can be leveraged by the hospitality industry to optimize hotel maintenance and increase the level of customer services provided by a hotel.

Software solutions such as a hospitality focused facility management application or a CMMS can be extremely useful for a hospitality company. Let us now look at the benefits a CMMS will provide a hotel.

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Improved efficiency and a reduction in costs

Improved efficiency is the first and most common benefit to be felt.

Reactive maintenance will become a thing of the past. Through a CMMS system, the hotel can schedule maintenance on assets. Ensuring that they will be operating when they need to be. Through predictive and preventative maintenance, the hotel will operate at optimal performance and be confident of reduced risk in unforeseen break-downs, which leave guests frustrated.

Inefficient equipment is another costly issue as it takes more resources and energy to operate. Inefficient equipment is a problem that is corrected. A CMMS that regularly conducts maintenance on the asset ensures that it will work effectively, and reduces the cost of operating in the process.

Asset tracking

The scope of hotel assets is vast, with everything from kitchen appliances to beds. Keeping track of all these items can be overwhelming, even more so in a hotel setting. If a client on a specific floor in a particular room complains about their shower leaking, it would be inefficient to capture these details in a notebook for future reference.

CMMS allows for accurate and detailed reporting of assets to be collected on the cloud-based platform. Through asset tracking, those that require extra maintenance will be certain to get the attention they need.

CMMS also prioritizes a maintenance schedule that ensures every guest has a room equipped with the best functioning amenities.

Increased response time on work orders

One of the many useful functions found on a CMMS is the streamlined work order function. How does this benefit a hotel? A considerable complaint found within hotels by customers is the amount of time it takes to attend to requests.

With a streamlined and efficient work order management system, hotel staff can send an accurate and detailed work order to specific employees. Maintenance employees can receive the work order through their phones, as a CMMS is operable on mobile phones. The maintenance staff can then attend to the requests immediately and update the employees upon completion. All through the mobile phone. In cases where the guests require an update on their requests, this can be provided, as the work order process can be monitored throughout the cycle. Resulting in faster response times and happier guests.

Organized maintenance requests

Attending to customers, current maintenance requests and new maintenance requests can be strenuous and overwhelming. With the risk of miscommunication, or a request getting lost, it can become complicated.

A CMMS can reduce the risk by managing work orders and scheduling them when necessary. Allowing employees to more effectively address maintenance issues, which is crucial for making customers happy. After all, having to wait while the pool is maintained can lead to several disgruntled guests. However, through the use of a CMMS, a hotel can steer clear of this situation.

Improved vehicle management

After a long day of traveling, the last thing a hotel guest wants to do is wait in a car that’s broken down. However, hotels can avoid this situation.

It is a hotel’s responsibility to ensure that the fleet used for their shuttle services is in good condition. From water and oil checks to tire replacement, cars need to be road-worthy. A CMMS system ensures that employees regularly inspect the state of the car. Hotels do this to ensure that they are transporting their guests safely.

Looking at the benefits a CMMS can provide, we can now understand that it is crucial, particularly for large hotels and those that want to grow and provide the best service they can for their guests.


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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