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How Ecommerce Companies Are Using AI To Boost Sales

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A lot has changed in the business world. Nowadays, businesses are adopting newer technologies like AI to improve customer experience and sales.

In recent years, AI has become more sophisticated than before. Earlier, most small businesses believed that investing in AI is only for large organizations but, now they have realized that AI can be used to drive sales, even in a small business the size of a grocery. 

Over 86% of businesses have agreed that AI is their mainstream technology.

Therefore, most companies are looking forward to hiring skilled AI professionals who can take their business forward by leveraging technology. Around 97 million new jobs will be created with the help of AI by 2025.

When you adopt Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your businesses, you make work easy for your sales team, which means you can drive more sales your way.

When programmed and used accordingly, AI can help increase your daily sales, improve user experience with your brand, and, most importantly, help in business management.

Here are some of the ways you can use AI to improve sales in your e-commerce business.

1 – Expanding customer service 

There is a strong link between customer service and sales. It means that when you serve your customers well, they are most likely to come back again and, most importantly, refer others to your business.  

When you add AI-powered chatbots to your website, you improve your customer service and experience with your brand. A chatbot will provide your customers with an immediate solution to their problems when they need help on your site.  

An AI chatbot will redirect your customers to where they can find help on your site. This way, it will let your customers know that you care about their needs.

2 – Streamlining the checkout process 

AI can also help to improve your sales by streamlining the checkout process. When you have an online business, you have to consider that not every visitor to your website will eventually buy from you.  

When your website is getting a lot of traffic, you want to ensure you convert most of your visitors to buyers – this is your end goal. One of the reasons you have low conversion rates on your e-business is that you promote your business on the wrong social media platforms.  

With the right AI, you can rectify the mistakes. You can use chatbots to extract the right data on your audience and use this to market to your prospects. Different AI tools provide predictive analytics on customer buying behavior. Therefore, if you have these tools, you will know which leads are worth pursuing, where to find them, and how you can engage with them effectively. You can always take the help of SEO agencies to improve the UX of your website to boost site growth.

3 – Finding vulnerabilities in security

The most important thing your customers will need is security when they decide to buy from your e-commerce store. You can use AI to locate all the vulnerabilities in your business. This is important if you allow your employees or sales team to work remotely from home.

As a business owner, you should tighten up your security measures to ensure everyone accessing your website is safe. This is necessary since the number of cybercrime complaints has risen.

Having an IT team and cybersecurity experts onboard is expensive for a small e-commerce business, making AI the most feasible solution. AI offers you different tools that you can use to secure your data and minimize the chances of having your website hacked.

4 – Improve productivity 

If currently, you offer most of the services by employees, adding AI to the mix is a great way to improve productivity. For instance, you can use sales automation for the most repetitive tasks your sales reps have to go through every day. This means you will leave your sales reps with a lot of time to focus on other tasks and, in so doing, improve your sales.

A programmed chatbot can handle customer service requests and help customers check their order status, track their packages, or change passwords on their accounts; your team will spend little time on repetitive tasks and focus on guiding customers to buy.

You also improve customer experience with your brand by offering quicker service than what they get from a human employee. And if there is a need to have employees offer assistance, an AI chatbot will provide relevant information without asking a customer to repeat themselves.

Final Thoughts 

The idea of AI is not far-fetched. Today, most e-commerce businesses and large companies use AI in marketing, customer service delivery, production, and sales management. AI makes work easy for the sales team in most e-commerce businesses through sales automation and leads scoring.

Businesses can use AI to guide sales prospects, reduce churn, and manage sales. AI is a powerful tool for predictive analytics and finding out what most of your customers like. To implement AI fully, businesses should employ AI and skilled AI professionals. This is a more cost-effective approach for improving customer service and sales.



Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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