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How is a VPN influencing user’s online life in Canada in 2022?

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If you spend most of your time online, virtual private networks are not new. VPNs are when computers connect privately and securely over the internet. Such a connection can be traced back to 1996 after employees from Microsoft created a tunnel of encrypted data over WAN and LAN.

As more people gained access to the internet, VPN usage increased. Nowadays, many people access information and content that otherwise would have been impossible due to geographical blockage and government censorship.

VPNs are now an integral part of daily internet use for work, home networks, or public Wi-Fi. The requirement of investing in a VPN service enhances manifold if you want to make yourself anonymous while browsing.

Five Eyes Surveillance is another major reason to connect to a VPN server prior to every browsing session. As your online activity is constantly being monitored in Canada, you need a foolproof approach to keep your data private. Considering the need for a VPN, check out these top VPN services for Canada users.

Even though there are free and premium VPNs available, you need to make privacy your priority. However, you may not be entirely secure with free VPNs, as most free VPNs exchange services against your data, which they later sell to third parties. This irony challenges the primary need for a VPN to secure your online activities from prying eyes.

No ISP Monitoring

Your internet service provider (ISP provider) knows everything about your online activity whether it is data usage or the type of content you are enjoying. Your personal choice should not be accessible to everyone and here is where a VPN service comes into action.

A VPN can change your IP address by rerouting your internet traffic through a VPN server so the ISP provider cannot identify your location or access your online activity. 

Unrestricted access to content

There are thousands of VPNs spread across different countries globally. This allows you access to videos and other media content by connecting to a server from a country of your preference.

VPN allows you access to servers in locations that match the content providers you want to view. This prevents a restrictive content provider from geo-blocking your device as they think you are located in an area that is allowed access. So, wherever you may be, you can always keep up with your favourite series on Netflix.

Security when using public WI-FI

Public Wi-Fi is usually tagged as free. However, ISPs, Online stores and other companies always seek to harvest vital data from unsuspecting users. If you value your personal information, a VPN will secure your private data as you enjoy leisure time at your favourite hotspot café.

Public Wi-Fi offers internet accessibility to a lot of people, including cybercriminals. These hackers threaten safe surfing as they can hack your device with malicious repercussions.  While strong password setup and use of password managers only protect to a certain extent, VPN safeguards all your activities on public Wi-Fi.

VPNs offer multi-layered data encryption, making it impossible for third parties to send or retrieve information from your device.

Safer Online Banking

Online banking is increasingly becoming popular because of its convenience. Banks offer strong internal security protocols, but with increasing Identity theft, the danger is always lurking. When it comes to your money and private data, you can never be too safe. VPN offers layers of encryption that hackers, ISPs, and even your bank, cannot break into.

Secure Online Shopping

Virtual stores have strict protocols to protect your data and credit card information while shopping online. In addition, VPN adds extra encryption to counter any attempt to acquire information.

The ever-increasing number of VPN users has brought a vast number of VPN services providers. So while shopping, make sure to use reliable VPNs to protect your personal information.

Avoid Data and Bandwidth Capping

If you have experienced a sudden slowdown in your speeds, your Internet Service Provider may have capped it. ISPs are known to ration data speeds after their customers’ set amount of data usage.

With a VPN, ISPs cannot track your online activity and hence cannot cap your speed as they cannot tell how much data or bandwidth you have used.

Access Worldwide sports Coverage

Some sporting networks do not air to fans outside the country from where they broadcast. With a VPN, you need not worry about missing your favourite team in action for being too far. However, discretion should be observed in countries where you may land penalties for using VPNs to breach rules and regulations.


VPNs are generally ideal, safe and legal to use in most countries. Getting the right VPN may translate into paying for their services. Remember to choose the right VPN that offers strong security and privacy features without compromising a speedy and smooth connection.

VPNs, when used responsibly, can enhance your online experience as you go about your activities worry-free.


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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