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How Is Workplace Design Different from Home Design?

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The design aspect of your place of work can be one of the most overlooked elements of establishing your business. Whether we like to admit it or not, we’re all prone to judge a home or place of work within minutes of stepping foot inside of one.

While we all want our place of work to feel like a second home, some businesses make the mistake of taking it one step further, making their place of work look like a second home as well.

However, workplace design has far more areas to consider when attempting to create the perfect look that sums up your business. Let’s explore them further by looking at how workplace design is different from home design.

Workplace Design Should Complement Your Business Goals

If you’re a colourful and brash new brand looking to make some noise on the young upstart business scene, then your design should express that clearly. If you’re a more professional company that aims to reassure and offer comfort and support to your clients, then your decor needs to be soft, understated, and reflect that professionalism.

Reassess your goals and keep them in mind throughout your design process.

Workplace Design Should Consider the Future 

Unlike home design, your workplace design plans should always take the future into consideration. Does the workplace look fit into your five-year business plan? Will you look back at this design a few years from now and still feel it’s what encapsulates your brand?

Where you are in your business journey is important. But it’s also essential to consider where you plan to be in the future.

It’s Not Always About What You like Best

Expressing individuality in home design and expressing business individuality are two very different things.

Be wary of falling into the traps of taking what you like as the best course of action in workplace design. Consider the customers, and your workforce, and what these designs will say about your business.

Including key team members who are vital to your company can sometimes unlock incredible ideas that accentuate your business in ways you’d have never considered before.

Functionality, not Fads

Home designs can sometimes follow some of the latest fads and fashion trends. While there’s nothing particularly wrong with this, it does run the risk of making a home seem outdated within a matter of years or even months.

Workplace design focuses less on these ‘ flavours of the month’ trends and instead looks at how a design will aid the everyday functioning of your company.

Workplace Design is Flexible

Workplace design understands the need for a business to sometimes expand or downsize. Sometimes with very short notice. The functionality we mentioned above leads to more flexibility for your business, without sacrificing the look and style that you’ve had in mind.

When things change and it’s all systems go, it’s comforting to know that with the right workplace design company in your corner, you can act fast and keep the style of your brand intact at the same time.


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