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How Long Does it Take to be Good at Piano?

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Do you have a particular song in mind and wondering how long it will take you to learn how to play it? If so, you’re not alone. Many people start piano lessons without knowing when they will end.

With the right attitude, effective learning method, and consistent practice sessions, you can play piano within a short period.

So then, How long does it take to be good at piano?

The answer depends on what you imagine good is. Some people take 6 months together but with regular practice using a solid program. Others take longer than that to gain enough technical ability.

Here is how you can learn to play piano within a reasonable period.

Factors Affecting Your Spend of Learning Piano

Attitude: It’s expected that you will struggle to learn this skill, and you might be bad for an extended time. Indeed, this is part of the learning process. But instead of concluding that you are bad at the piano, you should tell yourself that you have come a long way but still has a lot more to learn.

The trainer: You can learn piano through different methods. These are; private lessons from a dedicated tutor, group classes at a music store, university, piano books, YouTube or online piano programs. Although it is pricey, getting a private piano teacher and supplementing it with a piano app such as Skoove is the best learning strategy.

Practice Frequency: A person who practices each day, even if it’s for 30 minutes, is more likely to make rapid progress than the one who does it every week.

Practice Duration: A beginner should set aside a couple of 10-15 minutes each day for practise because it’s key to improvement.

Practice session: It should include technical exercises, known material mastery, new material learning, and playing by ear. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t focus on a single area over the others because this will limit your improvement in the long run.

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The following is the schedule of how long it will take you to be good at piano.

Beginner – 4 weeks: Learn how to position your hands and body in relation to the piano as well as its keys.

Intermediate – 2 months: You can form basic chords and play simple songs.

Advanced – 6 months: Your hands can move independently and play several chords at ease.

Expert – 5-6 years: Can play almost anything, but complicated songs might need years of practice to master them.

Professional – Above 10 years: The years of practice mold you into a respected piano player, and your concerts are well-received.

Skoove: The Best App for online Piano Lessons


Players of all skill levels can start their musical journey using interactive piano lessons from Skoove. You can do this using your phone, tablet or laptop because they all have a similar experience.

Still, worried that you don’t have a piano to practice with? You can learn using your computer keyboard keys until you get your piano.

Skoove provides feedback, unlike other platforms like YouTube or other piano apps. You will also play along with a band when you complete a given set of lessons. The feedback and opportunity to play alongside a band will help you improve your skill.

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