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How to Add UTV Powersports Audio System to Ride Command?

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When it comes to building a great sound system for your UTV, people have different preferences. If you pick Ride Command for your UTV, you will find various features, including, visual tracking, communication, and many more that are really helpful to make your ride smooth. As far as it is about adding speakers to Ride Command, you have to understand some basic things. The Ride Command you will use has to be the source unit of your sound system with a Bluetooth connection. In this article, we will explain to you how to add UTV speakers to your ride command.

Adding Speakers to Ride Command:

For your Ride Command, you have to build a connection between the RZR amplifier and your UTV speakers. If you want lower-frequency sound, the RZR Ride Command subwoofer can be a great option for you. The Ride Command will not support Soundbars, Bluetooth controllers, and audio roofs, because the Ride Command is the chief controller of your sound system.

You will require an extension cable depending on the distance between the RZR amplifier and your Ride Command. If you like to have more bass and more volume to rock your ride, you can use exciting audio pods. However, the audio pods you will choose have to be compatible with your Ride Command. To connect the RZR Ride Command subwoofer or DIY UTV speakers, you have to split the audio signal by using a “Y” connector.

How to Install an Amplifier in Your UTV?

To install an amplifier in your UTV, you have to follow the below steps

  • First of all, you have to lay every amp kit out to recognize different wires for the installation process. The first step is about wiring where you have to take all the Allen keys and loosen the speaker wire terminals. Then you have to loosen the wire terminals of the power, ground, and remote. Now, you need to strip one end of the power and ground wires and then run the wires into the terminals respectively and lock them tightly with Allen keys. You can also do the same to connect DIY UTV speakers with your amplifier by using speaker wires.
  • The Second step is about placing your amplifier in the right place. You have to pick a suitable place to mount your amplifier so that the speaker wires, power wires, and ground wires get a clear path. A ventilated place is also necessary to keep your amplifier cool. After selecting a suitable place, you have to mount your amplifier by using mounting screws.
  • Now, you have to join the other ends of the wires. You need to connect the ground wires to the negative terminal of the battery and the power wires to the positive terminals of the battery.
  • Finally, you have to connect your speakers to your amplifier through speaker wires.

By following the above-mentioned, you can connect your UTV speakers with your amplifier and install your UTV Powersports audio system to the Ride Command. Hopefully, this article will assist you to do this procedure yourself.


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