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How to Change Location on a Location-based Dating Apps

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Regardless of where you are in the world, it is still necessary to be cautious and take precautions when online dating. You should also be responsible and say whether you’re interested in a brief fling, or are prepared to commit to a long-distance relationship after you land at home. Dating apps while traveling can be exciting provided you are honest about what you’re looking for and how serious you are about meeting someone. Additionally, they undoubtedly know a tonne of great local spots to check out that aren’t listed in travel guides.

Trying new things, meeting new people, and discovering new foods are all made possible through travel. When you’ve done a few laps in the local dating pool, it might start to feel shallow, so checking out the local talent while traveling can be fascinating. This is further made simpler by gps spoofer, which allow you to change gps location for potential connections.


Best Location Spoofer — UnicTool TailorGo

The original motivation behind the development of the Internet and other forms of cutting-edge technology was a desire to improve the future. Their impact on people’s lives during the past few decades has been significant. The advancement of technology has been hampered by several persistent issues. Therefore, to maintain advancement, those obstacles must be removed.

There aren’t many apps that make GPS spoofing relatively straightforward, even though it is fairly trivial to do. TailorGo is the app that will be covered in this article. Yes! It is the easiest method to spoof GPS location and it works well on all devices. With this software, you may manually configure your location and be ready to go.

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Get rid of eye-catching hoopla, since there is just a dedication to finding solutions. We continually pay attention to detail to improve the performance of our goods and team since we believe that miracles originate from simple things.


Some advantages are given below:

  • Simple and comprehensive steps for setting up and maintaining GPS spoofing
  • When the moving times are set to greater than 1, you can opt to move back and forth or from beginning to end.
  • To remember your preferred routes, use UnicTool TailorGo’s ability to import/export GPX files of single and multiple pathways.
  • You may simultaneously modify the GPS position of 5 different iOS devices using UnicTool TailorGo.
  • Both iOS and Android devices are supported.
  • Model GPS movement along specific paths at the intended pace.
  • Easily simulate a GPS position using a joystick
  • View Your Score for Daily Spoofing
  • Locate and remove spoofed locations
  • Control spoofing activities
  • Spoofing your location when you save and load
  • Spoof a location and keep it active
  • Defeat spoofing with ease


Part 1. The Guidelines to Use GPS spoofer

When you’ve mastered the following steps, spoofing locations is as easy as pie, and you’ll be able to spike any Pokestop you want, or at least draw it near to you.

Choose Teleport Mode in the upper right corner. To choose a location you wish to “travel to,” you can zoom in or out on the map. Additionally, you can use the search feature to look up a location by name or by providing precise locations.

After you choose a location, a sidebar with details about the location, such as its name, coordinates, and range, will appear. To immediately modify the location, simply click “Move.” Moreover, Two spot modes and Multi spot modes are also featured

Part 2. Simulate GPS Movement – Two-Spot Mode.

Choose on Two-Spot Mode. The Two-Spot Mode must be activated first by clicking the second icon from the right in the top-right corner.

Make a Route Plan.

Pick a location by locating it on the map or conducting a search using its exact name or coordinates. When you’re finished, the beginning place and the destination will both appear on the sidebar. The number of times you want to move, the direction you want to travel in (repeatedly or continuously), and the rate of movement are all variables you can change.

Start moving.

After you have finished setting things up, select “Move” to begin the simulation of motion. Since there is no lag in its movement, the distance and time will adjust correspondingly.

Additionally, you have the freedom to halt, proceed, or stop the motion whenever you like. You’ll receive a message that reads “Completed!” after it’s finished.

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Part 3.  Simulate GPS Movement – Multi-Spot Mode

Selecting Multi-Spot Mode

The third option from the top right would be the Multi-Spot Mode.

Make a Route Plan

Mark each location you want to visit on the map specifically. To set the places, you can also type in the names or coordinates. You should pick the locations along particular highways to appear more genuine.

Set your moving timings, choose whether to go back and forth or just keep going from one place to another, and determine your moving pace.

Start moving

TailorGo will imitate the movement when you click the “Move” button. When it is finished, you will be notified.



You can quickly create fake locations using this application in no time. The instructions we’ve provided are quite simple to follow. UnicTool TailorGo is a location spoofing tool that you must use if you want to have an amazing experience. Thousands of consumers throughout the world have given it favorable evaluations, even though it is a relatively new piece of software.


Additionally, there are five various price options to pick from, and it is quite quick. So, to maximize the likelihood of finding the ideal match using dating apps, utilize TailorGo to easily create a false location.

Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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