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How to Downgrade from iOS 16

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There is no doubt that the iOS 16 beta is one of the hot topics going around. Apple’s new iOS update came up with splendid features that excite many iOS users.

However, the issue is that since iOS 16 is a beta version, you might face various problems when using the iPhone.

Can you downgrade iOS 16 to 15?

Luckily, you can downgrade iOS 16, and we’ll tell you how to downgrade from iOS 16 beta in this article.

Let’s get started.

Part 1: What do you need to do first?

Before downgrading iOS 16, you need to back up your iPhone data as you might lose data while downgrading your iOS.

Here’s how to back up your data.

Step 1:

Launch iPhone settings and tap on the profile icon. Next, you’ll be asked to enter your Apple ID credentials to complete the task.

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Step 2:

Connect iOS device PC via USB cable. Tap on ”Trust” if you receive the ”Trust This Computer” Notification.

Step 3:

Launch iTunes and navigate to ” Summary ” after pressing the device icon.


Step 4:

Select ”This Computer” after navigating to the ‘Backup field” as in this way, and you’ll be able to back up your data on your PC.

Part 2: Downgrade from iOS 16 using iTunes

You can downgrade iOS 16 through iTunes, which can cause data loss. Thus, you must prepare a backup of your data before downgrading iOS 16 using iTunes.

Here’s how to do it.

Step 1:

Install iTunes or Finder on your PC, and then connect your iOS device to your PC.


Step 2:

Tap on the device icon when iTunes recognizes your iOS device.

Step 3:

Press on the Summary option to proceed ahead. Next, tap the Restore Backup button if you have an archived backup. Next, press the ”Restore” icon to start downgrading iOS 16.

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Alternatively, you can rely on recovery mode to downgrade iOS 16 to 15.

Recovery mode has been used to fix various iOS device issues. However, you can also downgrade iOS 16 to 15 courtesy of the recovery mode.

Here’s how to downgrade iOS 16 to 15 using iTunes.

Step 1:

Install iTunes on your PC or Finder on your Mac PC. Next, connect the iOS device to the PC, turn it off, and launch iTunes.

Step 2:

Now, you’ll need to put your iOS phone into recovery mode. To do it, press and quickly release the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons. Next, press and hold the iPhone’s Power button until the recovery mode screen appears.

Step 3:

Tap on the” Restore”option to erase your iPhone and install iOS 15 or iOS 15.5 again.

Step 4:

Now, a pop-up will emerge asking to confirm the action. Tap on the ”Restore and Update” option to proceed ahead.

Step 5:

After agreeing to Apple’s conditions and terms, iTunes or Finder will start installing the iOS 15 or 15.5 updates.

Part 3: Better Way to Downgrade iOS 16 without Data Loss and without iTunes[Recommended]

Downgrading iOS 16 using iTunes or in recovery mode often performs badly on many iPhone models, and sometimes the process fails.

However, you can opt for the TunesKit iOS System Recovery tool as it gives you a better experience while downgrading from iOS 16.

It is a brilliant third-party tool that empowers you to eliminate 150+ iOS issues. No matter what software issue occurs to your iOS device, the TunesKit iOS System Recovery tool will take care of that issue.

On top of that, TunesKit iOS System Recovery offers a simple user interface, which speaks volumes about this tool’s mindset as it aims to empower the newbies to understand using it appropriately.


  •  It allows you to fix 150 iOS issues.
  • TunesKit iOS System Recovery tool offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • You can fix your iOS issue within a few clicks.
  • It helps downgrade from iOS 16 quickly.
  • It offers a 100% success rate.

How to Downgrade iOS 16 to 15 using TunesKit iOS System Recovery?

 *Before you start, please back up your iPhone data first.

Step 1:

Navigate to the official TunesKit iOS System Recovery website and download the software. After downloading the software, you’ll need to install it and launch it afterward. Next, connect the iPhone to the PC using a lightning cable. Tap on ”Start” to begin the proceedings.


Step 2:

If you don’t want to lose data while downgrading iOS 16, you’ll need to select ” Advanced Mode” from the main interface.


Step 3:

Now, you’ll need to download the firmware package as you won’t be able to downgrade iOS 16 to 15 if you don’t download the firmware package.

However, before downloading the firmware package, you’ll need to ensure that the information you see on the screen is related to your iOS device. After making it, tap on the ”Download” icon to download the firmware package.

Step 4:

In this phase, all you need to do is tap on the ”Repair” icon, and this process will restore your iOS device.

After restoring the iOS device, you’ll be able to use iOS 15 on your iPhone. Now you can restore your backups to your phone.


If you’re having issues after installing the iOS 16 beta, downgrading the iOS 16 beta makes sense, and you should opt for doing it.

This post reveals the most efficient ways to downgrade iOS 16 to 15. You can opt for downgrading iOS 16 to 15 in recovery mode through iTunes. And the better choice will be using TunesKit iOS System Recovery to downgrade iOS 16 to 15  as this tool helps faster downgrading your iPhone.


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