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How to Edit PDF and Convert Image to Text in Microsoft Word

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One of the most common queries in online discussion platforms is, “How to make a PDF editable in Word?”

No matter if you’re a teacher, student, employer, or entrepreneur, we all use PDF documents for one purpose or another. But unlike Word, a PDF document cannot be edited directly.

If you need to correct a few mistakes or add a portion or anything to a PDF document but don’t know how, then cheer up. In this article, we are going to walk you through a step-by-step procedure on how to edit PDF in Word without losing its original layout or data.

In addition, it will teach you some simple solutions to convert image to text with Microsoft Word and how to edit PDF on Mac. Stick to reading and find out.

 1. How to make a PDF editable in Word?

Converting an existing PDF into an editable document is possible using Microsoft Word. Luckily, the procedure is not as difficult as you think it is.

All you need to do is follow the below steps to understand how to edit a PDF in Word for free anytime you want:

Step 1. Open Microsoft Word on your PC and click on File > Open > Browse, and search the PDF document you want to convert.

Step 2. Word will automatically process the PDF document and prompt you to convert it as shown in the figure. Hit OK to get going.

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Step 3. It may take some time for the conversion process to finish. Wait patiently and bang, you’ll get the editable text of your PDF document.


And that’s your answer to can I edit a PDF in Word? Remember that this solution is not as efficient as you may think. The reason is Word uses a single column as basic format to turn a PDF file to editable text.

If the PDF includes multiple columns, the accuracy of the text is the biggest casualty. Still, it is one of the easiest ways to edit a PDF document without spending a single penny.

2. People also ask

Here are a few common queries of users that you might come handy to you.

2.1 How to convert image to text Microsoft Word?

Do you have some images or screenshots that need to be converted into the text? Or do you want to extract text from memes on Reddit? In either case, converting an image file into text is no longer a tech-savvy procedure as long as you have Microsoft Word installed on your PC – and almost every person has it.

Word offers a two-fold procedure to change any image into editable text. First, you need to turn the image file into PDF, and then convert it into the editable text. To keep the ball rolling, here’s how to do that:

Step 1: Launch Word on your PC and click on to Insert > Pictures and upload the image you want to change to text.

Step 2: Now, you need to save this file. For that, go to File > Save As, and choose the output format to PDF from the drop-down list. Exit the Word.


Step 3: Next, you need to again open a new Word document and click on Open > Browse. From the available options, choose your recently-saved PDF file.

Step 4. The Word will ask if you want to convert the PDF file to an editable text. Hit OK to confirm.


Step 5. Wait until Word processes and changes the image into the text. Now, you can edit and save this text as you please.


And that’s why Word is also termed as PDF editor Microsoft Office.

2.2 How to convert image to text with PDNob?

As already mentioned, converting image to text using Word is time-consuming and also, the results are often not-so-satisfactory. That’s why you should use a professional tool like PDNob Image to Text Converter to extract text from image.

The program boasts of its accurate photo-to-text results that no other similar tool can claim. And more strikingly, it lets you convert tons of images in one go. Now, you don’t need to repeat the same procedure if you have multiple images or screens to turn to editable text.

Follow the below steps to convert image to text:

Step 1: To begin, download PDNob Image to Text Converter on your PC.

Step 2:  Press Ctrl+I, or right-click the icon in the tray area and select Import Images.


Step 3: The program will automatically scan the screenshot and create the editable text for you.

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2.3 How to edit PDF on Mac?

Do you have a Mac computer and want to edit your PDF documents, then you’re in for a treat. Each mac has a built-in Preview feature that lets you edit PDF without any hassles.

Preview has a range of exciting features, but here we’ll only discuss how to edit PDFs on Mac. Check out the below steps to do it yourself:

Step 1: Double click on any PDF file to open it in Preview. Or simply, right-click the document and hit Open with > Preview.


Step 2. Next, click on the “Pencil in a circle” icon to open the markup tools


Step 3. Use these tools to start editing your document. Save the edited file to store or share it with anyone.

3. Wrap up

This article has provided a comprehensive guide on how to edit PDF in Word with high accuracy. It shows that converting PDFs to an editable text is quite easy if you follow the right steps.

In addition, it also outlined a step-by-step procedure to extract text from screenshots. You can use MS Word to convert image to text, but if you want high accuracy and better user experience, use PDNob Image to Text Converter. This versatile program makes it extremely easy to turn loads of screenshots or images to editable text effortlessly.


Check out the below common queries of users:

  1. Can you edit PDF in Microsoft Office

Yes, you can easily edit a PDF file in your Microsoft Office. Thousands of people use PDF editor Microsoft Office to modify their PDF documents.

  1. How to make a PDF editable in Word

Want to know how to edit a PDF in Word for free? Follow the below steps:

  • Open a New Word document.
  • Browse and open the PDF file.
  • Word will automatically turn it into an editable text.


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