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How to Find Instagram by Phone Number: Proven Tools

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Instagram needs no introduction. It is the king of social media platforms that have provided a means for people to connect. But, other than helping people to reunite and connect with friends, Instagram also helps companies and businesses market their prospects better to people worldwide.

Instagram has an easy interface, and searching for people on the app is quite simple. But only if you know their username. With millions of people having unique usernames on the platform, tracking down an exact person can sometimes turn out to be a dead end.

During such times, searching people on Instagram using their phone numbers might be handy. Using this trick, you can track down any Instagram account as long as the number is registered with the account. In this article, we will discuss the methods and tools you can use to find users on Instagram with just their phone numbers. Keep on reading.

How to Find People on Instagram with Phone Number before you buy Instagram followers

Instagram has a built-in “Discover People” feature that allows you to find your contacts on Instagram. Other than this manual feature, there are other ways you can locate an Instagram user easily. We will discuss them all in this article and we’ll show you how to buy 1000 Instagram followers or more.

Using the Instagram Built-in Feature

Before we tell you how you can do Instagram search by phone number, make sure that the number of the person whose account you’re looking for is saved on your device. Moreover, you also need to remember that this trick only works if their number is registered with their account.

To try this method, first, open Instagram and go to your profile by tapping on the small display picture icon on the bottom right-hand side. Tap on the three-line icon on the top. Next, click on “Discover People” and then on “Connect” under the “Connect Contacts” section. You will get a pop-up asking you to allow Instagram to access your contacts. Hit “Allow access.” Go through the list of names under “Suggested for you” and check to see whether the person you are looking for is there.

You should know that this trick is not always effective. If your target person has their number registered with their account, then well and good. But, there is another problem that might appear. Since the built-in feature does not exactly mention which account is connected to which number, it can be difficult for you to locate the exact profile. Your target person might be, in fact, on Instagram with their number, but they’re using a fake account, and you cannot identify it from the list of suggestions.

Other than this manual feature, third-party free people finder tools can help you track down the person you are after. Let us see what they are.

How to Find People on Instagram Using Third-Party Tools

Manual methods are easy but do not always work. Several third-party tools can be used to discover people’s Instagram accounts with just their phone numbers. Let’s dig in.

1. BeenVerified

BeenVerified is a powerful tool that can find information on your target person within minutes. If there is a phone number that is constantly calling you and you don’t know who it is, you could just use BeenVerified to do a Reverse Phone lookup. Apart from searching for someone using their contact number, you could also locate more details using their name, email address, home address, and username.

The platform helps you find your target person using whatever you know about them. You can use BeenVerified to provide the tools you need to learn more about the people you’re interacting with online.

2. Spokeo

Spokeo is another tool that can help you find information on someone using just their phone number. Go to Spokeo and enter the target person’s phone number, and the tool will provide you with information like social media profiles, court records, email addresses, and other such information.

You can use the phone lookup feature to find details about the target person. The tool can also help you find people using their email addresses, names, and home addresses. Spokeo’s search feature combs through thousands of sources to find the owner’s identity and social media accounts. It compiles all the information into a single, simple-to-read report where this is possible.

3. SignalHire is another powerful tool that can look up information on your target person in just a matter of minutes. It can be used as a browser extension with a massive database of thousands of people. With its reverse phone lookup feature, you must copy and paste the phone number or email into the search field. The tool will get back to you with their social media profiles and other information.

SignalHire is easy to navigate, with a fast and clean UI. Moreover, the tool hosts numerous features that are indispensable to customers. The best part is that the tool removes outdated, invalid, and irrelevant data, leaving you only with accurate information.

4. PeopleLooker

PeopleLooker is a website that can help you to locate whatever information you want on your target person. Just provide the tool with information, such as the target’s email address or phone number. The tool will then extract more data about the person, including their social media accounts, age, and criminal records. PeopleLooker will be more proficient in searching for information if you give more data.

PeopleLooker has a very similar interface to BeenVerified and is equally easy to use. Their extensive search reports feature numerous details such as names, photos, addresses, court records, criminal records, relatives, addresses, and other similar information.

Other Ways to Find Someone’s Instagram

The tricks mentioned above and methods are the best ways to find someone’s Instagram profile using their phone number. But what if you don’t even have their phone number or username, but still want to find them on the social media platform? Let us explore a few more tricks you can try.

1. Through Facebook

You can also find someone’s Instagram profile through their Facebook. However, similar to the phone number trick, you must ensure that their Facebook account is synced with their Instagram account, and only then can you use this method successfully. Note that you first need to be friends with the target user on Facebook.

Next, open Instagram and go to your personal profile. Tap on the hamburger (three horizontal lines) icon on the top. Next, click on “Discover People” and then on “Connect” under the “Connect to Facebook” section. Sign in to your Facebook profile and go through the list of suggestions. Chances are that if your target user has connected their Facebook and Instagram accounts, you will easily find them on Instagram.

2. Using Their Photo

Have you got a photo of your target user and want to find them on social media? You can now do that using Google. Google has an incredible photo-finding feature that can unearth information related to that photo. If you’re using your desktop, just go to Google and tap on “Images” next to “Gmail.” Next, click on the camera on the search bar and upload the photo. If the photo has been uploaded by the target user on their Instagram profile, then Google will do a good job of finding it easily.

Alternatively, you can also use Google Lens on your phone. Upload the photo to the app, which will scan the elements in the photo to find out information about it. If you are lucky, you can access their Facebook or Instagram profile.

3. Through a Mutual User’s Profile

This method is not the absolute best when finding someone on Instagram, but when other tricks fail to do anything, you can always use someone else’s profile to locate your target person’s Instagram profile. If you know that the target person is friends with a mutual friend and is being followed on Instagram by them, you can just go to the mutual friend’s profile and scan through their following list.

Alternatively, you can also scan the likes and comments on the mutual friend’s profile to see if the target person has commented or liked anything.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is a wonderful platform that makes connecting with people easier. However, unless you know the username of someone, trying to find them on the social media platform can be a pain. The good news is that if you know their phone number, email address, and name or have any other information about them, you can use the tricks mentioned above to locate their Instagram profile.

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