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How to Find the Right Technical Co-founder for Your startup?

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This era is also known as the technology era as most people are fascinated with technology products. Starting a start up business related to technology is a win-win situation for every entrepreneur in this era. First, you must have an idea of the tech product to launch it and start working on it to validate your idea to bring your product to the real world.

Building a startup base is not as easy as you think, as it involves thousands of tasks, including scaling a product, registration of the startup, etc. A sole founder cannot perform all the tasks alone. You need a co-founder with technical skills who can handle half of your task and scale the development of the product if you want to make your business successful. A tech co-founder can help you to build your startup successfully.

Want to know more about tech co-founders? Then stick with the article as you will get to know about the tech co-founder and how you can find the right technical co-founder for your business in this article.

What is a tech co-founder?

A tech co-founder is a person or software company willing to work as a business partner. They hold a margin of companies’ shares and take a profit margin. A tech co-founder manages technology tasks and fulfills the space of technical experts in your business.

Moreover, a tech co-founder will scale the development of the product, monitor your product development and make sure that you developed it perfectly. As a result, you can focus on other tasks without worrying about your business technology tasks. Even hiring software developers for your startup would be hard without a tech cofounder

Furthermore, a tech co-founder comes with the necessary skills to run a software company. They can also build a technical team for your business. Moreover, a tech co-founder will maintain the product after the launch and help in keeping your product with the latest technology.

Now you might be wondering how you can hire a tech co-founder?

Then the next section below will help you understand the steps you should follow to hire a tech co-founder.

How to Find the Right Technical Co-founder for Your startup?

Finding a tech co-founder is not an easy task. However, suppose you have decided to hire a tech co-founder and don’t know what to do. Then this section will help you to find your tech co-founder.

1. Start with a personal connection.

All new entrepreneurs are confused about where they should start their searching journey for the perfect tech co-founder.  You might also be confused about it, but you should start your searching process for the perfect tech co-founder from your connection. You can ask your relatives and friends whether they know any tech co-founders or not. The benefit of asking your relatives and friends is that you can hire a tech co-founder recommended by your loved one without any trust issues.

Suppose you didn’t get a satisfactory response from your relatives or friends. You can also take help from people that have professional relations with you. For example, you can ask your colleagues, accountants, lawyers, venture capitalists, and more if they know any tech co-founder that can join your startup.

2. Events

An event is an effective place where you can meet and build the trust of like-minded people rather than on computer screens. You can meet targeted co-founders in these events and gain in-depth knowledge of their skills, experience, etc. You can also share the details, including start up ideas, with the potential co-founder. Additionally, an event will help you to find more tech co-founder options.

It will help if you attend startup events and tech events to find your tech co-founder. However, the co-founder dating event will be the best place for you as visitors attend these events to become a co-founder. In addition, the co-founder will advertise their skills and experience to you at this event.

You can also run your event to find your tech co-founder. You can get some tips from expert co-founders by creating your event. Additionally, you will get information about potential customers, industry trends, and more from your event attendees. However, creating an event needs lots of time and money.

 3. Job or social media platform

You can also search for tech co-founders for your startup on job platforms like Linkedin,  AngelList,, etc. you can do cold outreach on these platforms. Additionally, you can post a job on these platforms. You can also visit or for tech co-founder hiring.

Suppose you are on social media platforms like Reddit or Twitter. Then you can also post the requirement of a tech co-founder on these platforms. It would be best to have enough followers on your social media account, and your followers are from the tech field.

4. Cofounder matching platforms

Last but not least, you can consider a co-founder matching platform for the search for your tech co-founder. Like cofounder dating events, these platforms are only for co-founders and companies interested in hiring a co-founder. You can create your profile and post your requirements for the co-founder of your company on these platforms.

Co-founder lab and tech co-founder are the two most popular co-founder matching platforms that allow you to find tech co-founders as per your need. Both platforms allow you to access their basic features for free. But you can upgrade to premium plans.

5. Startup Incubators

There are many startup incubators who work with non tech entrepreneurs who are building tech startups. They would act as your tech cofounder to build the technology needed for the product. Chicago based CodeVentures is a such a startup incubator helping non tech cofounders for the last few years. There are few other incubators who would become your tech cofounders when starting out.


A tech co-founder will be your business partner. So, you should share all the information about your company and product, including start up ideas. You have to build a friendly relationship with them to make them comfortable. You also have to ask a few questions like how you deal with significant issues before hiring a tech co-founder for your company.


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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