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How to Fix Low Resolution Photos: The Complete Guide

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Undoubtedly, photos play a significant role in our lives. However, you may get a low-resolution photo because of several reasons. Whether you’ve received a pixelated image or taken a snapshot that lacks clarity, understanding how to fix low resolution photos is essential. In this guide, we’ll break down what is a low resolution photo and share straightforward solutions to make your pictures crystal clear. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Part 1: What is a Low Resolution Photo?

Before we delve into how to fix low-resolution photos, let’s first understand what low-resolution photos are. Now, think of a photo like a grid of tiny dots called pixels. The more pixels you have, the clearer and more detailed the image is. In a low-resolution photo, there are not many of these dots, so the picture doesn’t have as much sharpness or clarity. These photos are okay for viewing on a screen, like your phone or computer, but if you try to make them bigger or print them, they might look blurry or not very clear. Typically, a low-resolution image have dimensions like 640×480 pixels or lower.

Part 2: How to Choose the Right Way of fixing low resolution photos?

Some advanced users prefer to restore low quality photos using image editing software like Photoshop. If you’re not one of them, we highly recommend trying AI-powered photo enhancement tools. There’s absolutely no shame in admitting that your graphic design skills are limited.

On the other hand, you should be aware of the limitations of each approach. Even with a certain level of expertise, repairing a large number of low-resolution photos using Photoshop can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive task.

Part 3: How to Fix Low resolution photos in Minutes?

3.1 Fix Low Resolution Pictures with 4DDiG File Repair

If you’re looking for a simple and effective way to fix low resolution photos, 4DDiG File Repair can be your best choice. This reliable tool is renowned for addressing various photo issues, including blurriness, incorrect colors, file corruption, and inability to open photos. With its high success rate and user-friendly interface, 4DDiG File Repair has gained favor among users worldwide. Here’s what it can do for you:

  • Repairs any corrupted, damaged, or broken photos.
  • Enhances photo resolution up to 8K by AI.
  • Colorize black and white photos in an eye of blink.
  • Supports various file formats, such as jpg, jpeg, srw, crw, and raf.
  • Repairs up to 3,000 photos simultaneously.
  • Allow preview before saving repaired pictures.
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac

Follow these steps to restore low quality photos with the help of 4DDiG File Repair:

Step 1: Launch the 4DDiG File Repair tool on your computer after downloading it. Navigate to the “Photo Repair” tab and select “Enhance Photo Quality.”

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Step 2: Import your low-resolution photo(s) into the software after click “Add/Drag photo.” Then, choose a proper AI model and the desired resolution.


Step 3: Finally, click on the “Preview” button to enhance your low quality photo(s). If you are satisfied with the results, simply click “Export All” to save.


3.2 Improve low pixel pictures by Photoshop

You can also easily fix low resolution photos by the “Preserve Details 2.0” feature in Photoshop. It is specifically designed for upscaling images while attempting to preserve important details. Moreover, when combined with high-pass filters, it produces images that are clearer and less pixelated. Follow these steps to use it:

Step 1: Open your low-resolution pictures in Photoshop.

Step 2: Navigate to “Edit” > “Preferences” > “Technology Previews” and enable “Preserve Details 2.0 Upscale.”

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Step 3: Now, go to “Image” > “Image Size.” Choose the “Preserve Details 2.0” option from the resampling dropdown menu.


Step 4: Adjust the width and height dimensions as desired, and preview the changes. Additionally, you can control noise levels using the additional slider.


Step 5: Click “OK” to apply the changes.

3.3 Enhance low resolution photos with Lightroom

If you are a big fan of Adobe software, you must have heard about the Super Resolution mode in Lightroom Classic. The Adobe team has leveraged cutting-edge AI technology to develop this feature, allowing you to enhance the quality and resolution of images with just a single click. Here is how to fix low resolution pictures with Lightroom:

Step 1: Launch Lightroom Classic and import your picture(s).

Step 2: Right-click on the image and choose the “Enhance” option.


Step 3: A dialog box will appear with options for enhancing resolution. Now, turn off denoise and select “Super Resolution.”

Step 4: Click the “Enhance” button to proceed.

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3.4 Fix Low Resolution Photos Manually

We fully understand that you may be not satisfied with the results of AI tools repairing low-resolution images. If you know a bit about image editing, you are able to use Lightroom to improve the quality of your pictures manually. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Begin by importing your low-quality photos into Lightroom. Enter the Develop module by pressing ‘D’ on the keyboard. Then, scroll down to the “Noise Reduction” section.


Step 2: Adjust the sliders in this option to reduce pixelation. For example, increase color noise reduction to address color artifacts or banding.

Step 3: In the “Sharpening” section, increase clarity and harpness to refine a blurry photo.

Step 4: Next, adjust texture and dehaze to further refine the image.


Step 5: Export the enhanced image with the desired resolution settings.

Part 4: Tips for Preventing Low Resolution Pictures

Now, you should no longer be puzzled by the question of ‘how to fix low-resolution pictures.’ However, it’s always advisable to capture high-resolution photos whenever possible. Consider the following helpful tips:

  • Shoot in RAW format instead of JPEG.
  • Invest in a camera with a higher resolution sensor.
  • Be aware of the compression settings when saving images.
  • Gently wipe your lens with a microfiber cloth before shooting.
  • Select the highest available resolution settings in your camera or phone settings.

How to Fix Low Resolution Photos FAQs

Q1: Can a low resolution photo be improved?

Yes, with the right methods and tools, it’s often possible to fix low resolution photos. When deciding how to fix low resolution pictures, you need to consider several important factors, such as skill levels, time investment, financial costs and expectations for restoration results.

Q2: Why are my photos showing up as low resolution?

You may encounter low-resolution photos due to various reasons, including:

  • High compression.
  • Enlarging a smaller image.
  • Taking photos with a low-resolution setting on your camera or phone.
  • File corruption.
  • Choosing a file format that doesn’t supports lossless compression.

Q3: How to fix low resolution photos for free?

There are various free tools available that you can try to enhance your photos. For example, is an online and free tool that uses AI to improve photo resolution.

Q4: How to fix low resolution photos on iphone?

If you are wondering how to fix low resolution photos on iphone, consider using the built-in editing tools in the Photos app. There, you can adjust parameters such as brightness, contrast, and sharpness to make the photo look better. Or, transfer the photo to a computer and use image upscaling tools.


There’s no need to worry about how to fix low resolution photos. Choosing the right method is key. For users seeking simplicity and efficiency, the 4DDiG File Repair tool stands out as a reliable option. It can not only help you effortlessly repair damaged/corrupted photos but also utilize AI technology to enhance the resolution of the photos to 8K.


Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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