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Want more people to view your Instagram Story posts? Here is some advice…

Instagram Stories are a wonderful medium for communication with your audience.

Getting more people to watch your Instagram Stories is a great strategy to attract more engaged viewers. If your Instagram Story view is dropping or has been stagnant for a while, go to Likes Geek to           here are some strategies you can try to raise your Instagram Story view count.

1.  Utilize correct hashtags

Increase the exposure of your Instagram posts by using trending hashtags. 

It’s high time you began using hashtags in your Instagram stories, given the emphasis Instagram places on them. Instagram Stories will get more views if you use appropriate and relevant hashtags.


Only ten hashtags are allowed in an Instagram Story, but that’s plenty to attract your desired audience. You can now connect with people who share your interests on new one Instagram by following relevant hashtags.

Stickers and reduced text sizes are great ways to avoid spamming your followers with hashtags.

2.    Identifying Specific Locations

Story exposure can be expanded through the use of location tags in a similar fashion.  It enables individuals in the marketplace to view your stories, thereby increasing your audience size.

Searching for a location on Instagram will return the posts that other users have made about that area.  Since Instagram shows user-made content about many different topics, there is a good chance that your Story will be shown.


3.    Respond to your messages.

Occasionally, readers will send you messages after reading one of your stories.  Instead of simply watching your story and moving on, they made the effort to respond. If you want to show your appreciation, try getting in touch with them.

You may not recognize the significance of it, but the individual who took the time to reply to your stories would. 

Remember that engagement has a significant part to play in increasing people’s interest in you. They will also be more likely to check out the remainder of your stories when they come out.

4.    Choose which stories to highlight

Anyone who doesn’t check Instagram within that day will miss your story. But imagine if your stories were available online permanently.  That will certainly garner you more views.

You can accomplish this using the Highlights function. Until you remove them, the highlighted stories will appear in a designated section of your profile. 

Your audience’s engagement with your stories will grow because they can read them whenever they choose. 


5.    Publish Your Content at Appropriate Intervals

As someone serious about raising Instagram Stories views, knowing the optimal time to publish on Instagram should be your top priority. You can increase the likelihood that your stories will be seen by your followers if you post them when most of them are online. 

It is due to the influence of timeliness or recency. Uploading an Instagram story between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on weekdays should often result in more views. However, it could be otherwise for you, depending on the time zone of your fans.

Unfortunately, timely story publication is not always feasible. If that’s the case, try to avoid publishing them at the worst possible time. In order to know when is the greatest and worst time to engage with your audience, you need to analyze their past behavior.

6.    Mention your Most Active Followers.

If you’re just starting out on Instagram and have no idea that you can tag or mention other users in your stories, then this advice is for you.  Mentioning your followers and friends in your Instagram Stories is a surefire way to get more views.

As an example, if you just published a story about your neighborhood cat on Instagram, you may tag a friend who shares your interest in cats or other animals. 

Once tagged, they will receive a separate notification and can add it to their own stores. People who follow your friends will also see your stories if they share them. 

However, you should avoid spamming your friends by tagging them in every story.


7.    Publish stories regularly.

How often do you update your Instagram story? Once a day? When it suits you? Consequently, you are decreasing the chances that your stories will be seen by your audience. It may be surprising, but the frequency with which you post Instagram Stories is a major element in attracting viewers.

The more Stories you have, the better, at least according to Instagram’s algorithm.  A follower can only watch four stories simultaneously on the homepage.

Therefore, you must consistently publish content to maintain visibility. If you post regularly, it will be more likely that your followers will see your stories.

8.    Publish shareable stories that can also be shared on Youtube, and buy Youtube views to promote them.

Sharing is not merely an act of kindness. It also involves promoting development and popularity. If you want more people to see your stories, ask your fans to share them on their own social media like Youtube. You can also buy Youtube views to promote your stories.

Sharing stories is one of the best methods to accomplish this. It may include quote cards, This or That games, or surveys. The objective is that the stories must be appealing, captivating, and something that everyone can identify with.


It’s a great idea to include your Instagram handle in your Stories in case someone shares one of your posts without identifying you. As more people share your stories, their views will increase, and you may anticipate gaining more followers.


Now that you are aware of the efficient strategies for growing Instagram story views, try them out. You will definitely be able to get more people to see your Stories and grow your list of people who follow you. 


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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1 Comment

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