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How to Get More Views on YouTube in 2021

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how to get more views on youtube

All of the YouTubers are seeking to find how to get more views on YouTube. No matter their niche or existing audience, more views mean a broader reach for their videos. Moreover, an increased number of views equals better income, which is very important for everyone who has YouTube as his career.

But how do you get YouTube views? On the Internet, you will find numerous pieces of advice for making your videos more visible than before. However, there is a high chance that you don’t know where to start. For this reason, you need to know the most effective strategies that will actually help you grow your channel.

In this article, you will find the top tips and tricks that will help you get YouTube views.

#1 Try a Sub-niche of Your Broader Niche

Try a Sub niche

This is something that many creators are overlooking since they only focus on posting videos on their niche. However, if you want to find how to get more views on YouTube, you need to explore the sub-niches of your broader category. For example, if you own a fashion channel, you can focus on the sub-niche of men’s fashion or that of casual fashion. If you own a gaming channel, then you can try making videos on the indie gaming sub-niche. This way, you enter a less competitive category, thus becoming easier to succeed.

#2 Do Thorough Keyword Research

There is no denying that SEO will make your videos visible and attractive to your desired audience. With thorough research, you will learn what keywords your audience is using to find new content. Then, you can apply these keywords to your video’s title, description, tags, and even script to make it appear first in any relevant search. Your videos’ SEO is very important as it will start gathering viewers for you. For this reason, all of your content should be focused on your specific keywords.

#3 Find Out What Your Competitors are Posting

YouTube is a competitive platform with millions of active channels. If you want to get YouTube views, you need to check what your competitors are posting. Visit their channels, take notes of your thoughts on their thumbnails and titles, and notice how many views they are getting. If they have a video idea that has gathered more views than usual, then you need to consider creating your own version. Even so, don’t forget to interact with your competitors as some of them can become your collaborators.

#4 Upload Videos Consistently

There is no denying that posting consistently will eventually start bringing you more and more views. First of all, your viewers will always know when you will have new content on your channel. This, in turn, will boost the general engagement of your videos, which is favored by the YouTube algorithm. Once your video starts getting recommended to more users, you will notice an increased number of views and subscribers. Therefore, to get YouTube views, you need to create a content publishing calendar and stick to it.

#5 Create a Video Series

Create a Video Series

If you want to learn how to increase your youtube views, you need to make users want to return to your channel. An easy way to do this is by creating a video series. If a user gets hooked on your series, he will want to check every previous and upcoming instalment. This strategy is very effective as it boosts the views of multiple videos and can convert your casual viewers into your subscribers. When you have enough episodes, remember to create a playlist for your series to make it easier for your viewers to watch all of the videos.

#6 Divide Long Videos into Multiple Short Ones

This trick is related to the previous one, although it doesn’t necessarily mean a video series. However, if you create a video that is longer than the ones you are usually posting, you can divide it into multiple parts to entice users to return to your channel. For example, you can divide a 40-minute long video into two 20-minute ones, or into three 13-minute long ones. If part 1 gets a lot of views, then the rest of them are also going to be just as successful.

#7 Collaborate with Other YouTubers

You have probably heard it before, but collaborating with other content creators is one of the most effective ways to get YouTube views and subscribers. First of all, you reach out to creators that are popular in your niche. It is important to interact with these creators before asking them for collaboration so that they are already aware of your channel and your content. Then you create a video together, and you post it on your channel. In some cases, they will ask you to create a second video for their channel. This way, you expose your content to their audience, which will give you more views.

#8 Follow the Viral Trends

Follow the Viral Trends

If you are looking for video ideas that will bring a lot of new users to your channel, then you have to take inspiration from the viral trends. If you are quick to respond, you can take advantage of the virality of these trends and get more views for your content. However, for this strategy timing is key as trends tend to come and go very quickly on social media. Apart from the viral trends, you can also check out the viral hashtag challenges that are equally popular among users.

#9 Share Your Content on Your Social Media

Lastly, you need to find ways to promote your videos. YouTube is a big platform, but it relies heavily on what the algorithm is recommending to its users. Therefore, you need to determine an alternate platform for your videos’ promotion. Your social media is the perfect place to do that as you have already gathered an audience that is familiar to you.


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