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How to Make Your Extended Essay Perfect

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Your grades and test scores are only part of the story when it comes to college applications. Admissions committees also look at your essays to get a sense of who you are as a person and what kind of contributions you might make to their campus community.

The extended essay is one of the essential parts of your college application, so you’ll want to make sure it’s as strong as possible. Here are some tips on how to make your extended essay perfect:


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  • Seek Professional Help

If you’re an IB student, you know that the Extended Essay is a big deal. It’s an opportunity to dive deep into a topic that interests you and show off your research and writing skills. But the Extended Essay is also notoriously tricky to get right. If you’re not careful, it’s all too easy to end up with a mediocre essay that doesn’t do justice to your hard work.

One way to avoid this fate is to ask for help from professional help. A good ib extended essay writing service will have experienced writers who know how to write a top-quality essay. They’ll be able to give you specific advice on your topic and help you troubleshoot any problems you’re having.

  • Give Yourself Plenty of Time

The Extended Essay is not something you can write the night before it’s due. This is a serious piece of academic writing, and it takes time to do it right. Start working on your essay early to avoid having to rush things at the last minute. You’ll be more likely to produce a well-organized, well-researched essay that makes a strong impression on the admissions committee. If you’re unsure how long it will take you to write the essay, give yourself a few extra days to be safe.

  • Do Your Research

The Extended Essay is all about research. You’ll need to do a fair amount of reading on your topic before you start writing. But don’t just read for the sake of reading; make sure you’re taking good notes and thinking about what you’re learning. As you do your research, keep in mind the specific requirements of the Extended Essay so that you’re gathering relevant information. For example, if you’re supposed to include a bibliography, make sure you keep track of all the sources you consult.

  • Choose a Good Topic

One of the essential parts of writing a tremendous Extended Essay is choosing a good topic. This can be tricky, especially if you’re unsure what kind of essay you want to write. Do you want to focus on a particular historical event? A scientific phenomenon? A work of literature? Once you’ve decided on a general area, start narrowing down your options until you’ve landed on a specific topic. Keep in mind that your topic should be something you’re genuinely interested in; this will make the research and writing process far more enjoyable (and less painful).

  • Be Concise

The key to a successful Extended Essay is conciseness. Remember, you only have 4000 words to work with, so you’ll need to be very selective in what you include in your essay. This means every sentence should be carefully chosen to contribute to your argument. Don’t waste time on tangents or irrelevant information; stick to the facts and get to the point.

  • Edit, Edit, Edit

Editing is an integral part of writing for several reasons:

  • It helps to ensure that your essay is clear and concise. Editing can help you eliminate unnecessary words and phrases and tighten up your argument.
  • Editing can help you catch any grammar or punctuation errors.
  • Editing can also help you improve your essay’s overall flow and structure.

By taking the time to edit your work, you will be able to produce a more polished and well-written essay.

The editing process can involve making structural changes, such as rewriting sentences or paragraphs, and more minor corrections, such as fixing typos or correcting grammatical errors. Sometimes, editing can also involve adding new information or clarifying existing information. No matter what changes are made during the editing process, they all have one goal: to make the essay more substantial and compelling. By taking the time to edit their work, writers can vastly improve the quality of their extended essays.

  • Get Feedback

Once you’ve written a draft of your essay, it’s essential to get feedback from someone who knows what they’re doing. Show your draft to a teacher, parent, or other trusted adult and ask for their honest opinion. They may be able to point out errors or inconsistencies that you’ve missed. Getting feedback from someone else will also help you see your essay from a different perspective, which can be very helpful when you’re trying to edit and improve your work.

Final Word

With these tips in mind, you should be well on your way to writing a perfect Extended Essay. Just remember to give yourself plenty of time, do your research, and choose a topic that interests you. If you do all of this, there’s no reason why your Extended Essay couldn’t be the best. Good luck!



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