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How to Raise Your Child to Be a Good Person

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All parents want their children to be the very best, better than them. Most parents the world over will focus on education, grades, and activities involving sports and culture, such as singing, dancing, and soccer. We will ask them to study hard and complete the homework on time. But in doing this, we often forget the importance of making them a good and kind.

What the world needs badly is a future generation of good people. The training for this has to start now, from a young age, so what all of us have a well-mannered child. We have to teach our kids the value of good behavior. We want them to be smart, confident, and friendly. If we can do this, then the future world will be a more peaceful and better place to live in.

If we can teach our children to be good people, then chances are, we are going to have a world where the environment, water preservation, forestation, sustainability, and peace will be a priority. This is an investment we have to make today.

However, teaching the kids to be good can sometimes be a daunting task for many parents. Here are some tips to help you .

Lead by Example

As an adult, you are always the first teacher. So, you should lead by example. Children learn from their parents by observing and analyzing their behaviors. It is thus absolutely essential that you behave in a way in which you want your kids to behave.

Knock before entering. Say “Thank You” and “Please”. Check the language you use. Many kids will hear the swear words first from their parents. They are always watching closely how you behave with your spouse/partner, friends, and neighbors.

Help Them Develop a Habit of Discipline

Discipline too is very important. Consistent and appropriate discipline helps the child learn to take responsibility for their actions. They understand that there will be consequences of every action, which is going to help them immensely in future life. It also teaches them to be respectful.


Discipline is not just about good behavior. It will also encourage them to lead an active and healthy life. Encourage them to exercise and play a sport. You can even install a gym for kids by fitnesskid in your home or backyard.


Nurture Empathy

With empathy, your child will be able to place himself/herself in someone else’s shoes and get a different point of view. They will learn to consider and value their thoughts and feelings. This will go a long way in making them good human beings.

Many studies have revealed that having high emotional intelligence, which means, the ability to understand self feelings and also those of others is very important to achieving success in later life.

To build empathy, always encourage your child to express her feelings. She should know that you really care about them. When there is a conflict between siblings, or with friends, encourage her to think about how the other person could be feeling. Explain how she can manage her emotions and work towards a resolution.

The Value of Volunteering

Teach the importance of volunteering. Your child can help someone elderly by cleaning the sidewalk or helping the person cross the street. She can donate her old clothes or books. It can be anything.

Volunteering is a very good way of shaping the character of a child. When they help others, they learn how to think about the requirements of others, especially those who are less privileged or less fortunate. They will feel proud and good about themselves. It will build self-esteem.

Recognize Your Child’s Polite Moments

Praise your child for their good actions and behavior. Appreciate even their smallest actions like bringing you a glass of water once you return home from work. Encourage them to say “Please” and “Thank You”. Also, acknowledge every time your child is nice to you or behaves politely. This will go a long way in reinforcing the behavior.

Also, this is where you contribute to building a better future. Explain to them the value of going green, water preservation, clean environment, not wasting food, and keeping the city clean. The world certainly needs more people who believe in socially-responsible living.

Teach to Always Speak the Truth

As a parent, you must always teach the value of truth. Encourage them to develop a habit of truthfulness. You will find many kids who will often make up stories just for fun or to exaggerate achievements. They will lie even to their parents. This can quickly become a dangerous habit, for which, they may have to pay a heavy price in the future.

The path of honesty is always better. It is important to become a good person. Don’t accuse them if you see the kids lying. Tell them the importance of being truthful.


Tell your child to go out there and socialize. Help the kid make new friends. This will make the young person confident, smart, kind, and friendly. It will help her later on their life, both personally and professionally, if she learns to socialize and mix easily with a varied group of people. She will become a good person because she will be able to understand people better by seeing how everyone can be so different.

Give Responsibilities

Children will have a sense of responsibility if you give them a list of chores at home, like setting up the table, doing the bed, and such others. Of course, the chores should be age-appropriate. It will also give them a sense of accomplishment when they can do these jobs perfectly. They will feel like they are contributing to making the home a good place. They will be proud, which will make them happier. It will also teach them to be responsible later on in life.

Raising a child is not easy. It is going to be more difficult when you are consciously trying to train the kid to become a good person. But this can be done by keeping in mind a few things. Remember, what you do today as a parent is going to determine how they will become as adults.


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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1 Comment

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