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Best Pokemon Go Spoofer | How to Spoof in Pokemon Go [Tutorial]

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Pokemon Go being a location-based game doesn’t allow its user to be at a certain place and collect Pokemon. It needs the users to explore different locations and then find the rare Pokemon which is not an easy task. Most of our gamers would like to enjoy their game in peace at their homes. In this scenario, spoofing your location is the only way out. Usually, what happens is users look for ways to spoof but get themselves banned due to going against the rules.

But, there’s nothing to worry about now as we have found various safe ways to spoof in Pokemon Go without getting banned. So, without any further due, let’s get started.

[2024 NEW] How to Spoof in Pokemon Go without Getting Banned

Pokemon Go is a game that has fans’ hearts because of its interesting concept of catching rare Pokemon and gives the feeling of augmented reality. Most Pokemon Go players spoof their location to catch the Pokemon, which is a fact since not everyone can go around the world to collect Pokemon. However, spoofing aint easy, there is Niantic that bans the people who use spoofers. In this article, we will explore the world of spoofing and will guide our players on how to spoof in Pokemon Go without getting banned. We will give some amazing tips that will help our users enjoy their game at peace.

Part 1. Benefits of Using a Pokemon Go Spoofer

There are various benefits of using Pokemon Go spoofer, some of them are as follows:

Finding Rare Pokemon:

Pokemon Go spoofer helps in finding rare Pokemon. Spoofer helps users explore regions virtually and find Pokemon that are not accessible in their place.

Gym Battles:

Spoofing allows users to participate in various gym battles happening in different locations which gives the users an edge to up their game.

Participation in various Events:

With spoofing, players can take part in various events that are not even happening in their locations. Physical presence won’t be needed with spoofing.

Part 2. How to Spoof in Pokemon GO Without Getting Banned [Safe & Fast]

So, how can one spoof their location and explore the world? We have found the best Pokemon Go spoofer that will revolutionize the way you play your games and will make the experience better than ever. The spoofer is “FonesGo Location Changer” which is an ideal option for users to play games because of its user-friendly features. This spoofer will provide a simple solution to all your worries and it’s the best tool to spoof location both on iPhone and Android.

2.1 Key Features of FonesGo Location Changer

FonesGo Location Changer withholds lots of features. Some of them are listed below:

  • The 2-Spot movement helps users change their location to the desired geographical location.
  • Provide customized speed selection which will help the user adjust the speed of their GPS movement. By setting waypoints, route simulation gets very easy.
  • Has a feature of historical records, and users can keep a record of places they went to before.
  • Compatibility with both Android and iPhone is a plus feature.It also has a battery optimization feature, which means less battery usage and more effective gameplay.
  • The latest update feature keeps the software latest and up to date.

2.2 How to Use Best Pokemon Go Spoofer – FonesGo Location Changer

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use the FonesGo location Changer. Follow accordingly:

How to Use FonesGo Location Changer fake GPS location on iPhone/Android with few clicks.

Step 1: Open FonesGo and launch the FonesGo application on your computer.


Step 2: After the Pokemon Go Spoofer download and Installation, connect your device to the computer using a data cable or wi-fi connection.


Step 3: Enter the location you want to spoof to and click ‘Go.’



  1. For IOS users: For iOS 16 and above, the user will need to enable the developer mode. After enabling, restart your device and unlock it.
  2. For Android users: Enable the USB debugging on your device under the developer option, and click on Allow for USB debugging.

2.3 Why Choose the FonesGo Location Changer

Choosing the FonesGo location changer is a smart choice a user can make. The user-friendly interface along with support for Android and iOS devices is a plus point. It also offers many advanced features like GPS spoofing, route simulation, multi-spot route, jump teleport mode, and joystick control which leads to precise control while spoofing.

However, users should be aware of potential risks associated with location spoofing, such as violating terms of service agreements. Keeping things aside, rest assured, FonesGo Location changer remains a great choice for people who are seeking an efficient GPS spoofer for a seamless experience.

Part 3. Also Know: What Causes Pokemon GO Soft Ban

A soft ban in Pokemon Go is like a temporary penalty that is for players who violate the terms and conditions of the game. If a user gets soft banned, they might experience restrictions such as being unable to catch Pokémon, interact with Pokestops, or participate in Gym battles.

Certain reasons cause soft bans and they are as follows:

  • Getting caught due to spoofing GPS by Niantic during gameplay.
  • Sharing Pokemon accounts with friends or other players.
  • High-speed traveling between locations serves as suspicious.
  • Don’t comply with the Pokemon cooldown period

Final Verdict

In this article, we discussed GPS spoofing and the best tool to spoof your location. We discussed how to spoof in Pokemon Go without getting banned using the FonesGo Location Spoofer. This location changer proves to be a suitable option because of its user-friendly interface and modern features. It’s a great choice for people. We understand the pain of a Pokemon Go player and therefore we devise what is best to use. So, enjoy your game with ease, keep thriving, and make your Pokemon Go experience an amazing one!


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