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How to start Business on Amazon Kindle

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Books are our best companion and a great source of knowledge. They take us to the world of imagination. They help us to enhance our knowledge, improve our writing and speaking skills. Moreover, they are a very useful tool to boost our memory and intelligence.

As a book lover, have you ever thought of writing a book by yourself? If yes, here we are going to educate you on how to earn money by publishing your Book on amazon Kindle? Looks interesting?  Stay with us till the end of the article to learn how to start business on amazon kindle by publishing books.

What is Amazon Kindle?

Amazon Kindle is a series of e-reader marked by amazon. Amazon Kindle allows users to browse, buy, download, and read e-books, newspapers, magazines and other digital media via wireless networking to the Kindle Store. Along with reading facilities it too allows users to publish their own books, novels, and stories etc.

We can get paid by amazon when someone will read our uploaded book online or download it. So, if you are fond of writing, Amazon Kindle offers you a great opportunity to earn money by publishing your writings. In this way your hobby is going to be a source of income for you.

Until now we have gained the idea that we can earn by publishing our books on Amazon Kindle. But here arises a question, how can we start publishing our books on Amazon Kindle? Don’t worry we are going to guide you about each and everything related to this business. Stay connected with the article till last and read carefully.

Basic guide to Write a Book

Before writing a book to publish on Amazon kindle, here we are going to develop some basic understandings for book writing.

Make a Plot of Book

The first basic thing while writing a book is to think about what you are going to write and what you are going to present in your story. Making a plot of a story will help you to format your thoughts more quickly in the form of a book. You can make multiple short plots and connect them together in the end to make a more effective and interesting story.

Start Writing on your plots

Once your plots of story are ready, start writing your thoughts in the sequence. Try to connect some short stories with each other as they create suspense for the readers. In the end summarize your book in such a way that every plot story is clear to the reader.

Include images in Your Book

Images attract the readers more. People love visual presentations. So, try to include some pictures in your book. Use beautiful frames and designs to show pictures in the book. Keep in mind the background of the pictures being added in the book should be attractive. You can use a Background Remover app like Pixabay or Adobe Express for this purpose. After removing the background of the image add a new with attractive look and color scheme.

Select the book title

Once you have completed your book text now it’s time to select the best title. The title of the book should be interesting so that people get engaged to it. One of the best approaches in selection of titles is to select a short few words title with the name of a character of the story.

Table of Content and Copyright Declaration

Once you have completed your whole story of the book now you have to make a table of contents. Table of contents helps a reader to find out quickly what he is looking for. Along with a table of contents create a copyright declaration page. A copyright can save your books rights and protect your book data from stealing.

Design a Beautiful Book Cover

A book cover is a strong protective cover that is used to bind the pages of a book together. The design of the book cover is important as it is what your book looks like from the outside. Book title and Book cover are two main factors that will attract readers to your book. So, you should use an attractive picture related to your book title. Design a cover picture by yourself and use a background Remover to remove unwanted background of the image. Use an attractive color scheme in the design of book cover.

How to Publish Your Book on Amazon Kindle?

To publish your book on amazon Kindle you will need to create and activate your account. For this purpose, go to the Amazon Kindle Home page and create your account by providing your personal information. Once you have successfully created a Kindle Account now you can publish your book free of cost and earn commission on every purchase of your book.

Amazon Kindle growth Strategies

It will take some time to grow your business on kindle. So you must be patient at the start of your business. Here we will discuss some fast growth strategies to grow your kindle business.

Hire More Writers

Once you have decided to grow your kindle business you will need to publish content frequently. To increase your number of publications on kindle, hire some writers to write for you. The more writers you have it means more books to be published which will lead to kindle growth.

Hire Kindle Managers

It can be difficult for one person to manage a kindle business alone especially when he is willing to grow his business big.  Having two or three kinder managers along with you will help to grow your business. As every manager will be managing a team of writers so it will increase content publications. You can increase the number of managers once your business has grown well.

Social Media Presence

Publishing your book on kindle and starting to wait for results is not a good strategy. Amazon Kindle is a very competitive and saturated platform of writers. You will need to advertise yourself on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest etc. in this way there will be more chances of your business growth.

Kindle Organic Growth

To organically on kindle conduct proper keyword research and try to figure out what people are looking for. Optimize your book description to get ranked on Amazon as well as google. Try to start producing your books content based on your keyword research as it will help you to gain more audience on your kindle business.


The world is growing faster in the field of technology. The invention of the internet has made business easy and comfortable. Amazon Kindle is a great opportunity to grow your business by writing books. As for writing a book, you have to pass through a long procedure of writing and then publications. If you are fond of writing, you can fulfill your love for writing in other ways too. You can start your own website where you can publish your content more comfortably.  So it’s up to you whether you love to write books or to write short articles for websites.








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