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How to Transfer Data from Old Phone to iPhone 14

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It’s very important to ensure continuity when you are switching phones so that none of your personal data is lost in the process. Anyone who is planning to upgrade to new iPhone 14 should know that transferring data is very easy regardless of which type or version of OS your old device was running. However, it’s necessary to use the most suitable tool for the job, and this article presents you with several interesting possibilities.

Part 1 – Transfer Data from Old Phone to iPhone

After the much anticipated launch of the latest generation of iPhone in Q3 of 2022, many users are scrambling to upgrade as soon as possible. As a part of their transition to iPhone 14, they will need to transfer their data, apps, and other personalized content to a new device, preferably with as little effort as possible. While Apple has developed software tools specifically for this purpose, the official methods are not always the best and in some cases in makes sense to use a third-party app.

Depending on the type of your old phone and the method you choose, this process could be more or less complicated and involve several steps. Users would be well-advised to carefully examine the possibilities available for the type of transfer they need, and to execute the recommended procedure without skipping any steps. If everything is done correctly, the transition to a new phone will be seamless and new device will already have a familiar look and feel when you start using it.

Part 2 – Move Data from Android Phone to iPhone 14

It’s not rare for Android smartphone owners to decide to switch sides and get a new iPhone, especially after the release of a new model. While the two ecosystems are clearly separated, there is no real obstacle to making this switch without sacrificing old contacts and data. In fact, there are multiple ways of moving different kinds of data between an Android and iPhone 14, each with a unique set of benefits and shortcomings.

Method #1 – Use Move to iOS to transfer data

The official method for moving data from Android device to a new iPhone involves an application named Move to iOS that is developed and distributed by Apple. It is compatible with any device running Android 4.0 or later, and it can successfully move a majority of personal content including photos, videos, messages, contacts, and more. This app effectively acts as a bridge and resolves the compatibility issues between the two OS systems, ensuring that Android users don’t have a barrier preventing their data from being accessible through iOS.

With this app, the transfer to a new phone can be performed very easily and without the need to use a computer. Here is how you can use Move to iOS to quickly migrate your data to new iPhone 14:

Step 1: Start the setup process for your new iPhone 14, and progress through the steps until you reach the Apps and data screen

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Step 2: On this screen, choose Move data from Android option

Step 3: Open Move to iOS app on your Android phone, after you previously installed it from Google Play Store, and click Continue on both devices

Step 4: After you click Agree and then Next on the Android device, a 10 or 12-digit code will be displayed on the iPhone screen. Enter this code into the old phone to continue to process

Step 5: Select which data should be transferred to iPhone, and click on Next

Step 6: Finish the setup process of the iPhone normally by following on-screen instructions.

Move to iOS may be an adequate solution in many cases, but it has certain limitations that users should be aware of. This tool only works if you are setting up a new iPhone and won’t help you if you need to transfer data to an already operational smartphone. Even if you can use it, the process can take a long time (especially if you have a lot of multimedia on the old device), making it vulnerable to random interruptions, such as loss of internet connectivity.

Finally, there are some things that Move to iOS won’t transfer at all, such as saved ringtones, call logs, etc. This is why it makes sense to consider a more efficient data transferring solution and avoid some of those issues.

Method #2 – Use AnyTrans to transfer data

AnyTrans by iMobie is another software tool capable of transferring data across platforms, including between Android and iOS devices. This app works on practically every Android smartphone, and can be used even if the target phone has already been set up. Another reason why many users prefer AnyTrans to Move to iOS is that you can transfer only parts of data that are missing on the iPhone, without any content duplication. The transferring process is very simple and intuitive, especially since AnyTrans has a specialized Phone Switcher tool that handles everything for the user. You can get AnyTrans via the Setapp subscription for just $9,99 per month.

Here is how you can transfer data from old Android phone to new iPhone 14 via AnyTrans:

Step 1: Install AnyTrans to your computer and run it, then plug in both phones into the USB ports

Step 2: Select the Phone Switcher tool from the main menu, then choose Phone to Phone option

Step 3: Set up Source and Target device (old Android and new iPhone), and continue by clicking Next

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Step 4: Manually select the files you want to transfer, and click Next when you are ready to start

In addition to being faster and less complex, this method also gives you a wider choice when it comes to retaining more of your personalization options. Choosing which data to include is a big advantage that can cut down the transfer time and gives user more flexibility. On top of it, AnyTrans doesn’t erase any data on the iPhone, but it lets you keep practically every bit of data from your Android, and even arranges the photos in the same albums you had before.

Part 3 – Move Data from Old iPhone to iPhone 14

For those who are simply upgrading from an older iPhone model to the newly released iPhone 14, the issue of data transferring is even less of a concern. Apple has prioritized data continuity as it encourages its users to get new version of the iPhone, so transferring data is integrated into the setup process. Of course, if you prefer to use an external tool to manage your data, that’s possible as well. Here is an overview of the possibilities for iPhone-to—iPhone transfer at your disposal.

Method #1 – Move Data with Apple Quick Start

The most straightforward approach to this issue is to use the Apple Quick Start tool when you initialize the new iPhone 14 and specify your old iPhone as the data source. Since this method requires no software downloads and allows the user to move data as soon as new phone is activated, it’s frequently used by beginners. You need to be in physical possession of both devices and connect them to the same Wi-Fi network, but otherwise very little is required for this method to work properly. Here are the actions you need to take to transfer everything from an old iPhone with Apple Quick Start:

Step 1: Place both phones near each other and turn on your new iPhone 14, then connect them both to a local Wi-Fi network

Step 2: When you are asked from which source to transfer data, choose ‘Transfer from iPhone’, then find your old phone as the source

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Step 3: Keep the devices close and allow some time for Quick Start to execute the transfer. Exact time depends on the amount of data and the broadband capacity of the internet connection

Obviously, this method is only suitable if you intend to copy the entire content of your old device to an iPhone that hasn’t been used yet. If you try using Quick Start on a phone that’s already been set up, this will result in all data kept on it being wiped. This method won’t transfer any apps or non-purchased music, so in some cases you might not be able to get everything you need on your new device.

Method #2 – Move Data Using AnyTrans

As we previously mentioned, AnyTrans allows complete control over user data regardless of the type of device and OS, so it’s perfectly suitable for iPhone-to-iPhone transfers. Not only it can help you handle the initial data transit to new iPhone 14 with the Phone Switcher tool, but it can also be very valuable as a permanent data management utility tool. You can easily move selected data to a new phone at a time that’s most convenient to you, including data types that are not readily transferred by Quick Start, even including non-purchased music. And it won’t erase existing data on iPhone 14 and skip duplicated content automatically.

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Most notably, with AnyTrans you can move all of your installed apps, thereby eliminating the need to download them again and allowing you to continue using the apps that are no longer available on the App Store. It’s also possible to use AnyTrans as a backup solution for your iPhone 14, or to mirror your screen content to a computer, upgrade your applications, and perform many other tasks.

The procedure of moving content between two iPhones with AnyTrans is identical as the one for transferring from Android that’s been described above, only you need to choose old iPhone as the data source. All other steps are the same, and the time needed for the transfer to complete is similar regardless of the OS.

Final Words

Thanks to excellent tools for data transferring, the transition to a new iPhone doesn’t have to cause a disruption of your familiar routines. You can easily transfer virtually everything from an old Android or iPhone, including custom details such as ringtones, contacts, and installed apps. Even if the default tools for data transferring are not sufficient for your needs, AnyTrans can step in to fill the functionality gaps. Thus, there is no reason to fear that any data will be lost in transition or that your new iPhone 14 will be missing any custom element that you have grown accustomed to.


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