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How to Use Cloud Storage Free for Photo Backup (Up To 1TB)

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Have you ever received a diagnostic message “your device is running out of storage”? How irritating it must be? Memories are meant to be treasured, and Unlimited cloud storage free can get your problem solved.

Since technology is evolving, newer versions of these devices are equipped with high-end digital cameras having exceptional picture quality. Due to this, even 256GB of device storage seems useless because you’ll encounter a capacity limit. To play safe, photo backup in the cloud is necessary. If your gadget crashes, your important files and pictures will remain secure at multiple locations. The internet is flooded with various cloud storage. Let’s figure out which one is best to treasure your precious life moments.

Method 1: Login TeraBox Online – Cloud Storage Free Up To 1 TB

Who doesn’t like to benefit themselves with the limited cloud storage free up to 1 TB? Everybody.

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With the automatic backup and multi-end collaboration facility, this online application will boom in the coming era. Here we are listing incredible advantages of TeraBox photo backupto look upon:

Free Cloud Storage

You can find similar storage software on the internet, but none offer a whooping capacity of 1TB(1024GB) for free. It restricts your data from third-party access by ensuring a solid key at login time.

Approximately250, 000 pictures are captured through a 12M camera, and 500 hours of HD videos can be stored in terabytes. TeraBox can backup many phones or computer photos with enough free cloud storage.


TeraBox – cloud storage free has one more exciting feature that we have not seen in other photo backup software. It enables the creation of a private folder with the security key to saving sensitive data with the promise of not utilizing them for advertising purposes.

Remote Upload

When uploading any file from another website, you rarely think to upload it directly from the source. You can upload any video or file directly from the source URL to cloud storage. This feature is helpful when you don’t have access to personal devices, or you want to process large documents.

Guide to using TeraBox Online

Here is a step-by-step guide to TeraBox cloud storage online:

Step 1: Signup to TeraBox

Visit TeraBox online web application or get it for your device. Now, sign up or login TeraBoxwith a Google account or phone number.

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Step 2: Upload Files

You have 1 TB space granted for personal use. Click on the “Upload” button to upload files and folders.

It will take a few seconds based on the file size. Once the process is done, you can view or download it anytime.


Method 2: Use Google Photos – Cloud Storage Free 15 GB

One of the most popular cloud storage you can find on every smartphone is google photos. It is preinstalled application on smart devices.

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Have a glance at some key features of google photos:

Edit Date and Time On Files

This feature was available on web applications before. But with the recent update by Google, you can find it on mobile versions. Swipe up the image whose date and time you want to change. At the top right corner, you will notice an edit marker. Modify the date and time accordingly.

Collage and Movie

Creating collages or movies through google is also possible. You need to open the utility tab in the mobile version. There, locate your respective option and make a collage or video as per your requirement. Once the collage or movie is deleted, the original data will remain in its original form.

Guide For Using Google Photos for Backup

Step 1: Sign Up For Google Photos

Login to the google photos. Turn on the synchronization if you are on your mobile for the automatic sync.

Step 2: Upload Files And Photos

If you are on your laptop, you need to upload files and folders individually.


Method 3: Download TeraBox For PC – Cloud Storage Free 1 TB

Some people prefer to use each software on their laptop instead of visiting them on the browser. For them, TeraBox came with the device application.

Get 1 TB cloud storage free by installing TeraBox on your PC.

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Benefits you may have:

Automatic Backup

Its automatic photo backup function is easy to use. This type of backup requires no human intervention. Once the service is enabled, it’s all set, and photos and videos will automatically be backed to cloud storage or server.

What happens if somebody snatches your phone or steals sensitive information from it? TeraBox allows you to roam freely without the fear of losing any information because it’s already stored in some locations having high-security protocols. You can free your device storage and let its processor function a bit longer.

Easy File Access

Locating important files from smartphones or laptops is hectic if they are not organized properly. By uploading them in TeraBox, you can move freely without worrying about their access. TeraBox manages them efficiently in alphabetical order or according to the time and date.

The intelligent organization and classification of these files based on their extension and file type aid users in navigating through applications in search of a particular folder quickly. You can access it by typing its name in the search bar.

Step By Step Guide To Use Free Cloud Storage For Photo Backup

Follow these steps for a hassle-free installation process.

Step 1: Install Terabox

Enjoy unlimited cloud storage free by installing TeraBox on your PC.

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Step 2: Sign In With Any Of These Displayed Options

Once the application is installed, log in with the google account or phone number.

Now, upload files and folders as per your requirement.


Method 4: Download EaseUS Todo Backup – Cloud Storage Free 250 GB

We have listed multiple ways to back up your files and folders. But none of us follow these backup procedures regularly. Even if it happens, we create backups of files only. Ease US Todo allows you to backup computer settings, applications, and documents.

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For the whole backup, you must connect an external drive having ample space that can store large data files easily. With the EaseUS Todo, you will have at least two types of backup options:

Full Backup

A full backup is one of the most time-consuming features of this software. It creates a backup of the whole database and places it in the requested location.

Incremental Backup

An incremental backup option is utilized when the file is modified after getting backed up.

How to use EaseUS Todo for PC?

Step 1: Install EaseUs Todo from its official website and connect external drive where a backup can reside.

Step 2: Its interface is user-friendly. So, you don’t have to struggle hard to locate the “File Backup” option.

Step 3: Once the folder is selected, exclude and include files accordingly.


What’s the Best Way for Photo Backup?

Out of these four methods, which one is best? Let’s figure it out together.

TeraBox Web App Google Photos TeraBox PC App EaseUS Todo
ü 1024 GB free storage. ü 15 GB cloud storage for free. ü 1 TB cloud storage for free. ü 250 GB cloud storage for free.
ü It can be used directly through the web app. ü Either use it on your browser, or the device choice is entirely yours. ü Easy to install. Best compared to the EaseUS because of the inexpensive package and excellent cloud storage. ü Easy installation but needs an external drive location.
ü All features are available in the web app. ü Some features are not feasible to use in the web version. ü The device version is up to the mark, and all features can be utilized. ü Only the device version is available.
ü The automatic backup feature cannot be utilized. ü The automatic sync feature is accessible in both versions. ü Once the synchronization is enabled, everything will get handled smartly. ü A backup needs to be scheduled.
ü The Premium version is available at an affordable price. ü The upgraded plan is a bit expensive, but they provide a 1-month trial period. ü The Premium version is economical. ü Considerably more expensive than the rest of them.
ü Only files and folders can be backed up. ü The whole device can be backed up. ü Automatic sync backups requested files and folders on time. ü Several backup options are available for PCs based on the requirement.



It’s time to put an end to the discussion. Cloud storage free can be utilized through various methods. Apart from this listed software, you can find a number of drivers to back up everything with unique fancy features.

TeraBox is one of the best cloud storage software to cherish your precious moments precisely. With the feature of photo backup, which can store sensitive data with strong security and incredible premium packages, this application indeed has broad scope among the small-scale businessmen community.

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