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How to use video watermarking for preventing the piracy

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video watermarking

Although video piracy is an issue that many digital marketers are struggling with, there are some ways to prevent it. One way you can protect your videos from being pirated is by using a watermark on the video.

Video watermarking is an important tool for digital marketers to use when creating videos. It can be used to prevent piracy by having a unique identifier embedded in the video that links back to the owner of the content. Video watermarking is easy and affordable.

Here’s how to do it!

What is video watermarking

Video piracy is a huge problem. It’s estimated that this year alone, over 2 billion videos will be illegally downloaded from sites like YouTube and Facebook. Not only does it cost the video creators a lot of money, but it takes away from everyone else who worked hard to create their content too!

The best way to stop video theft is by implementing watermarking technology into your videos before uploading them online. This makes it easy for anyone using your video on their own website or social media page to add in their own branding while still protecting you from copyright infringement claims. softwares like Visual Watermark allows you to easily add in text, logos and even images right onto your video so no one can use them without permission!

How to use video watermarking

Watermarking your video is a great way to protect it from being stolen and re-uploaded on other sites.

However, there are many different ways to watermark videos, which can make the process confusing.

But Visual Watermark is such an app which help you to find the right tool for your needs. It will walk you through everything from how much watermarking should cost, what types of tools are available, and how easy it is to get started with video watermarks.

Benefits of using video watermarking for preventing the piracy

  •  Video watermarking is a fast and easy way to prevent piracy
  • It’s inexpensive, simple, and effective
  • Watermarks are typically unobtrusive
  • You can customize your watermark with different designs or logos
  • There are many software programs that make it easy for you to create an appropriate watermark design
  • A video watermark cannot be easily removed without damaging the original video file

Why you should invest in this technology now, before it’s too late

Video is the most consumed content on the internet. It’s also a very easy target for copyright infringement, and it can be difficult to prove ownership of your video content.

You may have heard about how much money you could make from monetizing your video content online, but if you don’t protect yourself first then no one will ever pay you for your hard work.

Watermarking videos with a unique identifier that cannot be removed or changed without leaving evidence is one of the best ways to protect yourself from piracy and ensure that you get paid when people watch your videos online.


Video watermarking is a proven way to protect your video from piracy. The benefits are numerous and so is the list of people who use it for protection against theft – big companies like Disney Pixar all have used or currently use video watermarking in some capacity, because they know that their intellectual property deserves to be protected just as much as any other form of copyrighted material. So before investing in anything else for your business, take the time now to invest in protecting yourself with this software that will save you money down the line by preventing loss due to illegal distribution. Are there any questions on how video watermarking works?


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