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How to Write Movie Reviews the Right Way

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Almost every movie is rich in moments that you will want to share with others. But how to do it right? One option is to write a movie review. Today we will discuss the basic rules for writing professional and high-quality reviews. Even if you have not previously worked with such material, our tips will definitely help you.

What Is a Review

First, you need to understand what a review is and who writes it. Review is one of the genres of art criticism and journalism.

This is a kind of essay which may contain the following information:

  1. Brief retelling of a
  2. Own opinion of an author about a
  3. Evaluation of the work of the actors and a film crew.
  4. Recommendations for viewing.

You can understand how to write a review by looking for essay examples. Professional authors write film analysis essay examples for college. Such works will also help you understand in which direction to develop your thought if you were asked to write an essay on a film at a school, college, or university. With the help of such essays, students will also be able to practice their writing skills. You don’t have to go to the cinema to write a review; you can watch any movie on TV.

A review is written by the writer so that a reader can decide whether to watch this film or not to waste their time on it. An important rule is that the author need to maintain an unbiased attitude when writing. If a film is good, he should write about it, even if he does not like the director himself or one of actors.


The review allows the reader to understand the film than the trailer better. The main drawback of the trailer is that it only lasts a couple of minutes. At the same time, in the trailer, the creators often show the best scenes from the picture.

The average length of a review is up to 1000 words. The finished essay performs several functions – it informs, analyzes, convinces, and entertains. You will achieve a better result if you include these points in your review.

Preparing to Write a Review

Writing a movie review is, firstly, a creative process. But you cannot do without an analytical approach. Only in this way will it be possible to make a review of high quality and convincing.

To prepare a professional film review, you need to go through several preparatory stages:

  1. Choose the right movie. Everything is simplified if you write a review of a particular picture by order of a teacher or boss at work. For a successful review, it is better to use those films that both you and the critics like.
  2. Watch a movie. It would be best to look at the picture at least twice or three times. This is due to numerous reasons. During the first viewing, try not to think about anything, to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of what is happening on the screen. During the second viewing, evaluate the actors’ performance and the film crew’s work. Sometimes it takes a third viewing to understand some storylines in a movie. You may also need to find out more about a movie’s story if it is based on real events.
  3. It is desirable, but not necessary: ​​watch other films by the director and actors. This will help to compare and determine the characteristic style of the picture.
  4. You should prepare a notepad and pen for the second and third viewings. They will be used for notes. It is essential to write down everything – interesting scenes and plot twists, character quotes, inconsistencies, etc. This information will help in writing a review. For example, a good quote from a movie can be used as an epigraph.
  5. Find out more information about filming—where it took place, how long it took, and the difficulties the team faced. Introducing such facts into the review will make it more attractive to readers.

Also, in the review, it is essential to indicate the awards and prizes for which the picture you have chosen is claimed. For the reader, this can be a critical factor in their final viewing decision.

What Questions Should Be Answered when Writing a Review?

Several fundamental questions need to be answered. All this information must be included in the review. This way, you can create a complete, exciting description for the reader. After reading it, he will not have any additional questions.

  1. The film has one or more episodes. Is this a sequel, prequel, or part of a movie series?
  2. What is the genre of the film? It can be an action movie, comedy, drama, western, political cinema, biography, disaster film, etc. Most often, this information can be found in the picture’s description. It is also worth exploring whether the film was shot on actual events or the plot is entirely fiction.
  3. Did the movie captivate you? There were no thoughts to stop watching before the end of the picture.
  4. What words describe the picture—sluggish, continuous, dynamic, smooth, etc.?
  5. What rating the film received in the system of age restrictions (no restrictions, viewing with the presence of adults, undesirable under 13, 17 years old)?
  6. Are there similar films with the same theme that viewers should watch for comparison?
  7. How would you rate the work of the film company?
  8. Is the film entertaining, or does it deal with serious topics?
  9. Did you like the choice of actors in the film? Did the cast perform well in their roles?

You can answer questions and create a draft of your review.

How to Write a Review: Basic Steps

A good review cannot be written quickly. Essay writing is a complex and lengthy process. If you are new to this area, we advise you to follow our step-by-step guide.

  1. Writing an introductory part. This includes all basic and essential information about the Movie (title, genre, release date, director, etc.).
  2. Reflection of one’s own opinion about the viewed picture. This interests the reader; do not leave these paragraphs to conclude.
  3. Brief retelling of the plot. It is important not to introduce spoilers and not to tell how it ends. It would be best if you kept the intrigue.
  4. Telling about your emotions. Tell the reader exactly how you felt while watching the movie.
  5. Add information about symbolic items, key phrases, and other points that helped you get deeper into the film’s atmosphere. Be more creative when writing.
  6. Tell us about the moments of the film that made the most impression on you, but avoid spoilers. You should not just say whether you recommend this movie to watch or not. Justify your opinion.

After completion, you should re-read everything written several times. Edit the material, highlight significant points, and correct any mistakes. Remember that errors can deter the reader from even the most professional review.


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