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HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset: Should You Buy It?

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With so many technological advancements, digital gadgets seem to evolve rapidly – both in design and features. Manufacturers are now working on building low-cost yet high-quality mixed reality headsets. The market has flourished with feature-rich VR headsets, and the HP Windows mixed reality headset is one among them. 

In this article, we will discuss if these mixed reality headsets are worth it, given the features and functions they offer and if you should buy them for a better experience. 

Design & Comfort

With a neutral matte black finish, the HP Windows MR headset features a large visor mounted on a softly padded headband. The hinge allows the headset to flip up and down over your eyes. The front side of the visor comprises a glossy black plastic stripe covered over the matte body. The large visor covers the dual camera that helps track position. 

The front design gives an all-new look to the visor despite the fact that it physically resonates with headsets manufactured by Acer. The headset also features a 3.5mm headphone jack that stays on the right edge of the internal side of the visor. You can see a short cable running from the right side of the visor to the right end of the headband. 

Even though the design of the HP Windows MR headset is attractive, it needs a rework as the device is quite bulky. For a comfortable experience, you need to angle the headset a bit to prevent the chamber of the visor from becoming steamed up. Protect your skin from excessive moisture by maintaining airflow. 

Device Compatibility 

Ensure that the WiFi is connected appropriately or troubleshoot if the Bluetooth won’t turn on MacBook or another type of computer. Try the HP Windows MR headset on the HP Omen X Compact desktop or HP Razer Blade Pro for an unmatched experience. These devices allow you to use the headset freely without any wires running from one end to the other. 

You need a powerful laptop or desktop with robust tech specs to connect and use the HP Windows MR headset seamlessly. You may not be able to use the MR headset if your desktop lags in terms of performance and functioning. So, make sure to optimize your computer’s storage and RAM regularly to get the most from the device. 

With the BlueTooth update, the controllers may or may not work as expected, which can be a little annoying. You may experience an unnoticeable lag which may not break your game, but you may end up losing points. However, manufacturers are aware of this Bluetooth juggling, and the problem may vanish with the next update. 

Setup Process

The process of setting up the HP MR headset is similar to setting up any other Windows-based mixed reality headset. The minimum requirement is Windows 10 with Fall Creators’ Update installed on it. You need to plug the headset into the HDMI and USB ports on your computer. Afterward, listen to and follow the instructions that prompt on the monitor.

Once the headset is in place, it will ask you to draw a box in the open area to define the space where you can move while playing your favorite game. Open the Windows Mixed Reality app while putting the headset on your head, and you are all set to use the Windows Mixed Reality. Mostly, the app starts automatically when you plug in the headset. 

As mentioned earlier, the Windows Mixed Reality headset works seamlessly on HP desktops and laptops. HP Omen X Compact desktop or HP Razer Blade Pro are highly compatible devices. Both these desktop computers support Windows Mixed Reality and give you identical performance and user experience. 

Graphics & Performance 

When you wear an HP Windows Mixed Reality headset, each eye will receive 1440px by 1440px across a 2.89-inch LCD screen. If a clear comparison has to be made, the device gives you a high-resolution image than the Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, and HTC Vive. The refresh rate varies between 60Hz and 90Hz. 

Depending on the hardware you use, Windows Mixed Reality is categorized into two sections – Windows Mixed Reality Ultra and Windows Mixed Reality. The display looks fairly sharp and brighter, even on the colored surfaces. With a consistent and reliable motion controller, you can enjoy high-end VR games but keep track of the batteries. 

If you are experiencing lags or any other issues while playing games like Arizona Sunshine, it’s time to update the drivers. Sometimes the headset is in a good state, while the problem lies with the BlueTooth drivers as the Motion Trackers use BlueTooth to establish connectivity. Alternative connectivity options can be used to ensure reliable performance.  

The Conclusion 

The HP Windows MR headset will make you believe in virtual reality for playing games. You must keep your operating system, drivers, and other software updated for an immersive experience. With all these features and functioning, the HP Windows MR headset is worth purchasing.


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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