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Make the Most Out of Hubspot With These 10 Must-Have Integrations

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Tired of switching back and forth between Hubspot and LinkedIn? Are your eyes hurting from looking at Excel spreadsheets all day? Did you botch that proposal that you spent weeks preparing? If you answered yes to any of these questions, keep reading to find out how you can solve these problems (and many more) with a simple Hubspot integration.

If you’re not familiar with integrations, they basically allow separate systems to function as one unit. In addition to working together to combine the capabilities of two platforms, integrations can also build new functions within existing interfaces. Depending on the nature of the integration, they can serve many different purposes from fun to functional. Most often, Hubspot integrations are used to improve your workflow, boost productivity and efficiency, gain insights from your contacts, set reminders, and allow you to manage external activities all from your Hubspot interface.

From the Chrome Web Store to the Hubspot App Marketplace, there are many different places that you can download integrations from. Take some time to browse through, because chances are you’ll find one that you never know you needed.

Leadjet is a sales productivity tool that serves as a bridge between Hubspot and LinkedIn. Imagine how many times you’ve connected with a prospect on LinkedIn and been forced to manually copy and paste their contact details into Hubspot. Now with Leadjet, you can automatically synchronize your conversations, contact lists, and more directly to Hubspot without having to break your momentum by switching interfaces. Leadjet also acts as a contact enrichment tool and will source your prospect’s most up-to-date contact information in a matter of seconds. Simultaneously update your Hubspot from LinkedIn with Leadjet’s two-way data synchronization capabilities.

  • Slack

If you’re a business professional – you’re probably familiar with Slack but for those who aren’t, Slack is a digital communication platform. Composed of workspaces, channels, connections, and direct messages, Slack makes communication fast and efficient, allowing you to keep all of your interactions centralized on a single platform. When you connect Slack with Hubspot, you can create Hubspot tasks directly from Slack, receive Hubspot notifications in Slack, and view contact records from Hubspot using slash commands on Slack. This integration simplifies the communication process and allows you to streamline your workflow by eliminating the need to switch back and forth between platforms. 

  • Eventbrite

Chances are you’ve used Eventbrite before to book a ticket for an event. The platform segments events by location and category, allowing you to easily browse through and find an occasion that catches your eye. With the ticketing system centralized on the platform, you can access any event from the convenience of your smartphone. Eventbrite’s integration with Hubspot allows you to register events to Hubspot to turn attendees directly into contacts and eventually clients. You can segment all of the event registrants and attendees, allowing you track your buyer’s journey and create customized workflows accordingly. Hubspot also allows you to score leads, giving you a better idea of the value they hold in terms of conversion. Downloading this integration may just give you the motivation you needed to host that event that you’ve been thinking about.

  • Databox

If you are tired of looking at spreadsheets all day, this integration is for you. Databox organizes your marketing and sales KPI’s into a visually appealing dashboard that makes the information easy to read and visualize. This integration gives you the option to choose from a series of customizable templates that will synchronize all of your selected Hubspot data into a presentation format. Databox also allows you to create unique performance goals and will inform your Hubspot team members in the case that your metrics drop below a certain point. Say goodbye to coding and Excel and hello to Databox.

  • Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange is another integration that makes data collection entertaining, by providing many different mediums to report how users are interacting with your website. To segment your audience even further, Lucky Orange’s integration with Hubspot allows you to track exactly what Hubspot users do on your platform and will report the metrics back using heatmaps, session recordings, and chat logs. You can then access this data from your Hubspot platform, allowing you to customize your sales approach according to your lead’s journey across your website. Boost your engagement and identify areas that will maximize conversion with Hubspot’s Lucky Orange integration.

  • Proposify

Making proposals can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Proposify is a software that turns your sales process into a proposal that is sure to close. From the customizable templates and features to the tracking metrics, you can see exactly how much time your viewers spent on each page of your proposal and end the presentation with a legally binding signature and payment that takes the hassle out of the agreement terms. Proposify’s two-way integration with Hubspot allows you to transfer information from Hubspot to your proposal and transfer the status of the proposal back into Hubspot so that you can update the contact and deal status of those involved accordingly. 

  • Seventh Sense

Sick of A/B testing for weeks just to receive inconclusive results? With Seventh Sense, you can optimize your marketing campaign to increase the levels of engagement and ultimately, conversion. Seventh Sense will tailor your email campaigns to be sent at your prospect’s most active engagement time using data that has been collected from Hubspot to make predictions. This integration is sure to boost your open and click-through rates with no additional work on your end, making the ROI well worth it. With this integration, you will have not five, not six, but seven senses to capitalize on when conducting outreach

  • Jotform

Give your developers a break with Jotform’s easy to use, form building software. Jotform provides a number of customizable templates that will collect data from your users. There are so many features that cover everything you could ever imagine including in your form. Hubspot’s integration with Jotform allows you to automatically send and update CRM contacts according to the information that was submitted on the form they filled out. You can also send out pre-filled forms using information from Hubspot to alleviate some of the work off of your prospects. Update records faster and manage your business data more efficiently with the integration between Hubspot and Jotform.

  • SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is a platform that takes feedback a step further by collecting insight towards how you can improve your business to better fit the needs of your clients and employees. By creating interactive questionnaires, you can gather data quickly and easily and then import it into HubSpot through the integration. You can also send surveys directly to your Hubspot contacts in order to centralize all of their data on your CRM platform. Depending on your contact’s responses, you can segment them into different lists on Hubspot and adjust your approach to better suit their needs. Stop making guesses about your clients’ satisfaction levels and instead, take advantage of SurveyMonkey’s user-friendly interface to make the feedback process exciting.

  • Vidyard

Having a hard time getting your prospects to respond to your emails and follow-ups? Outperform all of your competitors with Vidyard’s unique video making software that allows you to tailor your sales pitch to every single one of your leads. Sometimes a personal touch is what makes the difference between a client’s decision to convert or not, and Vidyard’s integration with Hubspot makes the evaluation process easier than ever. With the integration, you can track all of the insights from your viewer’s engagement with the videos you’ve sent directly from Hubspot and build segmented lists, lead scores, and workflows accordingly. Vidyard also creates a dashboard in Hubspot that gives you a summary of your success. With Hubspot and Vidyard, you can make engagement not only fun, but also meaningful

Bottom Line

You never know what integrations could bring you value until you try, so give some of these recommendations a shot to see if you notice any significant changes in your performance. Whether it be more conversions or a boost in your sanity, these integrations were developed to make your life easier so stop trying to juggle too many things at once and let the integrations take over.

The ten integrations in this list are just a few of the thousands that exist, so if you don’t see one that appeals to you here, don’t hesitate to continue looking on Hubspot’s App Marketplace. Happy browsing!


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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