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Top 7 Reasons Why Human Translation Is Better Than Machine Translation

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In this digital era, content localization is a necessity for brand growth. With the advancements in technology, the Internet is full of free translation tools that help translate the source language to other native languages. Artificial Intelligence (AI) takes over human translation services as many global companies prefer to use machine translations over humans. The machines are pretty affordable and offer instant results, so they are preferred tools. But are they effective in delivering accurate translations? Are the machines better than human translators?

Even though getting an expert human translator might be a daunting task, their proficiency is top-notch. You can be sure of getting accurate and quality results, despite the difference in speeds.  Let’s explore why human translators are better at content translation than machines.


Machine translators might have AI, but they are not entirely accurate for translations. Consumers are cultural beings, and machines don’t have the human touch to understand the diverse global culture. Specific phrases might sound offensive to some cultures, which the machine translators might not understand. In addition, the tools might have difficulties translating native names or slang to suit the target audience.

Conversely, human translations are pretty accurate because the experts are familiar with the culture and know how to tweak the language to favour the natives. Machines usually translate words in a general manner, which might give vague meanings to phrases. In contrast, humans are direct and translate content accurately. Furthermore, they can detect mistakes easily before the information goes out to the market. Though the machines are AI-enabled, humans are the best for accurate results.


Quality is a critical factor in translation services that impact global businesses. Translating your content without professional help might damage your brand because of errors. The machine translators can’t deliver professional translations. Whether it is a website, blog, or research paper, you can’t get satisfactory results using a machine. Some documents require high-quality standards with a specific tone or style.

Machines cannot grasp the intricacies of writing styles to deliver quality translations. You might not fully understand machine-translated documents because of too many compounded words. That is why it is imperative to work with human translation services with qualified experts if you want excellent results.

Translation Cost

Most people who need translation services often think human translations are too costly. So, users prefer free online translation tools to save a few coins. But, this is not true. Human translators are cheaper compared to machines. When you use a machine, you will have to hire an editor or proofreader to streamline your content, making it more expensive and time-consuming. But, if you hire an expert translator, you will pay a reasonable amount and get top-notch results within a scheduled period.

With the upsurge of global business, translation services are in demand. Hence, you can find numerous professional agencies offering content translation at pocket-friendly rates. It is pertinent to note that humans are better translators than machines, no matter the cost.

Human Contribution

When it comes to translations, human input is more valuable. Even though machines have intelligent simulations, they can’t match human translators. Many users might go for machines because of instant results, not knowing they will spend more time editing and incorporating the correct tone and style. Such corrections are possible with the help of human translators. They ensure the documents are flawless with proper phrases and no errors.

Human contribution improves communication and ensures the target audience understands the language without straining. Moreover, humans make complex languages simpler to understand.

Certified Translations

Another reason for trusting humans is because of certified translations. Official documents like medical reports, research papers, or real estate contracts require certifications. Most professional human translation services offer individuals and corporate companies approval stamps. The experts also provide statements that declare the accuracy and authenticity of the translated document.

In contrast, machines can’t provide certified translations, making human translators superior to machines.

Delivery Speed

AI-enabled translation tools are constantly marketed to have instant speeds. So, users often perceive human translations as cumbersome and time-consuming. Though it might be true, it is not always the case. Professional agencies usually have experts who work within specified deadlines. They guarantee fast turn-around times, and you can be sure of getting error-free translations. You will not waste time correcting your document because it will have top-notch translations.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best translation service, go for an agency with human translators to get remarkable results. Do not compromise quality because of instant results.

Machine Localization

Each language has many different words that require translations. It is pretty challenging for machines to localize all the languages and get accurate results. Qualified human translators can pick on language developments faster than machines. Since the online tools are AI-enabled, programmers will have to update the algorithms regularly, which requires time and effort for optimal results.

Thus, machines are not the best option for translating essential documents because you might not get the desired results.

Combine the Best of the Two Worlds

While most brands or individuals might prefer machine translators, they are not quite effective in delivering accurate translations. Do not put your brand’s reputation at risk by relying on machines only. You can research and find trusted translation services to order machine translation of large text volumes while at the same time teaming with a human expert for content fine-tuning and editing. In this way, you will achieve much better outcomes and an optimal price-quality balance.


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