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Invest in an HWID spoofer today! Here’s why

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hwid spoofer

HWID spoofer is a widely known tool for all the gamers out there. Hardware identification, in short, is known as HWID. It is a method used by Microsoft to obtain the hardware details of a system.

This is an OS validation check by Microsoft. Every reboot generates a new ID by checking the system integration.

If the IDs are somewhat similar to each other, they belong to the same device. Otherwise, Windows (OS) asks for a renewal to continue. Game developers use the exact strategy to ensure fair game play. An HWID spoofer is a mask, and it conceals your HWID by sending false signals to the developer.

Why invest in HWID spoofers?

Imagine being one kill away from getting the top kill streak, and you get shot. DANG!! Life is hard, but even the game doesn’t let you have some fun. Cheating is a human tendency, and no one would like spending hours when there’s an easy alternative, right? This brings us to cheats!!

Spending a few bucks for a cheat pack and enjoying your favorite game is no sin. But the developers might not feel the same way. Rules are rules, you know! With conventional anti-cheat methods, it wasn’t a big deal to cheat. You can always come up with a new id, or in the worst case, buying a new game license won’t cost much either.

But things changed with hardware bans. They ban the entire device from playing a game and not just the account. Today, almost every game is coming with hardware bans. And it is making life difficult for gamers.

HWID spoofer is a tool that helps to cheat in two ways. First, it acts as a shield to ensure that your HWID is not banned. Even if the anti-cheat system detects you for cheating, it generates a duplicate HWID that gets caught by the anti-cheat system.

Second, to cheat again, all you have to do is set the HWID spoofer to a different HWID. So, playing next time won’t cause any trouble.

Even with an existing hardware ban, an HWID spoofer can be your savior. It forces the game to accept a new HWID, which makes your computer ready to go. However, now you are bound to use the HWID spoofer every time you play the game. If your system is not banned, then obviously, you are a free man. But, for how long?

Anti-cheat algorithms are getting advanced with every passing day. So even if you think you will never get caught, it’s just around the corner. HWID spoofers keep you in a safe zone. If you think it’s a waste to spend on HWID spoofers, then good luck!! Though it’s always good to be safe rather than sorry, a bad HWID spoofer can bring you disasters.

Selecting the right HWID spoofer

While looking for an HWID spoofer, there are a few things you should always consider-

-Will it works on your game? Different games use different anti-cheat systems, and some even use multiple systems. So, a background check is always required. For instance, COD: War Zone can be spoofed with the HWID spoofer warzone.

-Is the spoofer user-friendly? Many HWID spoofers are complex and challenging to use. Well, most get reset after every shutdown and hence needs to be customized manually. A spoofer that initiates with ease and stays active after every reboot is the ideal one.

-Does your hard drive need formatting? Some games leave bugs in your hard disk to check if you use a spoofer. Normal spoofers can’t detect such traces and end up getting you caught. A good spoofer finds out about these bugs in your hard drive with ease. Then it either prompts you to format your hard drive or does it on its own.


HWIDs are complex characters and are very tough to tackle, change or modify. It is stupid to put a term like a ‘good HWID spoofer’ with the advancing anti-cheat industry. Because no spoofer can give you guaranteed services in the long run, this is why you should always know when to change your current spoofer. For now, don’t let the thoughts bury you. Break the wait!! And get your HWID spoofer to enjoy gaming without any interruptions.


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