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Importance of Health Sector Development in Rural Area

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health sector development

Health is regarded as wealth. It is one of the most important things a person has. Maintaining optimal health is the goal for everyone. In urban areas, there have been major health issues in the past. Rural areas on the other hand are free from lifestyle diseases and stress-related problems. The problems people in rural areas face are mainly a result of lack of hygiene or drinking poor or contaminated groundwater. This leads to several health problems such as cholera, measles, and other water-related diseases, such as stomach infections.

Health problems can make everyday tasks more problematic and difficult to achieve. It also results in creating financial stress. It even jeopardizes the person’s ability to earn a living. Stress is said to exacerbate or cause serious health issues. It can lead to serious conditions and diseases. It is therefore important that one must take care of their health.

Covid 19 has worsened these conditions. There have been some serious consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially on the rural population. The rural health care system was not prepared to contain COVID-19 transmission in some places. People were reluctant to get themselves vaccinated due to the spread of misinformation or fear. This however was countered by speaking to people and developing communities of health care workers. They helped in countering the misinformation.

It is important to spread awareness in rural areas regarding the health issues and how to overcome them. Schools can be used as a point of spreading awareness. Hybrid Learning is said to be a great step in this direction. One can make wellness-related study a part of the curriculum so that students and teachers are better prepared. School Management is needed for achieving this goal. All the authorities must come together and work in this direction.

Filling the Gap

There is a growing Inequality in the health care system in India. This is adding to the basic health gaps in our country. There is a growing number of communicable and non-communicable diseases that are growing, especially the Coronavirus or Covid 19. In the past few decades, there has been an increase in the number of heart disease, diabetes, and stress-related issues.

One problem most people in the rural sector face is the problem of malnutrition. Many children face invisible hunger problems, which means that they are not getting enough quantity of nutrients, such as fats, minerals, and vitamins. Poverty is one of the reasons for the lack of hunger.

Authorities have come together to bring a change and counter the problem of malnutrition and other water-borne diseases. They have spread awareness regarding the effects of lack of nutrients in the body. Certain communities have been formed as well. This has been a great method to fill in the gaps.

Technological Advancement

Technology brings knowledge and technique together for solving problems of the human beings. It makes their life secure, better, and easier. Technology is important today as it promotes development that helps in making the better a better place to live in and work towards development.

There is a gap in machines and other technological advancements needed for better detection of diseases in rural areas. This way the treatment can be provided much earlier.


Health is important to human happiness and well-being. It contributes significantly to the prosperity and wealth of an individual. Economically health is seen as an asset. The reason for this is that healthy people are more productive. They save more time and live longer.

Rural sectors can be a great source for development in the country. If people in rural areas are healthy, they can contribute to the well-being of the country.

Technology in health can bring skills and knowledge together for solving the problems of human beings. It makes their life secure and easy. This is going to form a way to better the future in the coming years. Development, therefore, depends on the technological advancements in the health sector. This is going to transform one’s life for the better.

Coronavirus has proved to be deadly and has also exposed the gaps in the health sector. People in rural areas suffered because of the lack of advancements there. After that, certain steps have been taken in the right direction. This will promote a better life for people in the rural and urban areas as well.


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